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Did A&E duck 'Dynasty' star's controversial opinions?

Few days ago, GQ published an interview with Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty's" seemingly friendly-to-everyone-but-web-footed-birds grandpa on America's most-watched reality-TV show.

Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson in A&E's 'Duck Dynasty.'
Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson in A&E's 'Duck Dynasty.'Read more

FEW DAYS AGO, GQ published an interview with Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty's" seemingly friendly-to-everyone-but-web-footed-birds grandpa on America's most-watched reality-TV show.

Seems Robertson, 67, isn't such a lover after all.

The Gentleman's Quarterly story quoted his none-too-gentlemanly ideas about the LGBT community - along with expressions of his overall ignorance of African-Americans' historic struggle for civil rights.

Yesterday, "Duck Dynasty" network A&E suspended Robertson indefinitely in rebuke of its star's views.

Soon thereafter, TMZ posted what it said was a circa 2010 video of Robertson preaching quite similar views at Berean Bible Church, which seems to be located on East High Street in our very own Pottstown. (Calls to the number listed for the church in Pottstown were not answered yesterday in time for publication.)

The video remains up on the local church's website. Watch it, and you'll also witness Robertson comparing himself to George Washington, the father of our nation.

TMZ said the video shows A&E knew full well what they were getting when they launched Robertson into reality stardom. Their headline: "Publicly Bashed Gays . . . For Years A&E KNEW ALL ALONG."


This whole situation about a star of a show Temporary Tattle doesn't like in the first place is giving her a headache. It's enough to drive a gal to watch back-to-back episodes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Maid for TV

Ever-charming Jennifer Lawrence revealed to Conan O'Brien that she:

A. Would likely be a hotel maid if she hadn't become an actor.

B. Once hid a, um, gag gift of a bunch of sex toys from a hotel maid, but the cleaning person found the objects and then artfully arranged them on Lawrence's bedside table, as one might do with fresh flowers or hard candy.

C. Wet the bed until age 13.

D. All of the above.

We think you know the answer.


_ Katy Perry's lip-synching plans were foiled during her performance of "Roar" at a recent awards show in Cannes. When the track didn't match the words the pop star's mouth was making, the music stopped. To Perry's credit, when the music started back up, she actually sang. Her notes weren't all pretty. But they were real.

_ Angola dictator-President Jose Eduardo paid Mariah Carey a million bucks to perform for him and his family last weekend. Five years ago, Carey sang for the foundation of Libyan bad guy Moammar Gadhafi. She apologized for that. This time, she has yet to comment.

_ Target won't sell Beyonce's new album for reasons T.T. doesn't quite understand. Temp Tattle's too busy worrying that her 2012 purchase at the retailer's Snyder Avenue location might have been made with plastic.

_ Miley Cyrus skipped out on her appearance at Saturday night's Boston Jingle Ball, and her Beantown fans ain't happy. They've started a petition on to demand refunds from the radio station that put the concert together.

(Just in case you think's only purpose is serving such high-minded causes, the site also has a new petition aimed at bringing Grumpa Phil back to "Duck Dynasty.")

Not surprising at all

_ Katie Couric is quitting her not-so-watched, two-season-old ABC daytime talk show. The move leaves her with a paltry $6 mil-a-year part-time "global anchor" gig at Yahoo.

_ Rupert Murdoch's News of the World hacked the phones of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Most salacious text: Wills called Kate "Babykins."

_ Justin Bieber went on the radio in LA and said he planned to retire from music. Here's hoping he'll retire those goofy low-crotch pants while he's at it. A Temporary Tattler can dream.