Eric is a friendly, energetic 8-year-old who is curious about everything.

Outdoors, he enjoys running and playing on the trampoline. Indoors, he often can be found with his trucks or video games. Also high on his list of favorites: singing games, long car rides, and playing in water in the bathtub.

Diagnosed with autism, Eric is nonverbal and communicates his needs by pointing to the objects he desires. He loves to eat and can feed himself, but needs help with other daily activities. In school, he receives special-education services and benefits from the small class size and individual attention.

Eric needs a patient, loving, and energetic family that will provide a structured environment. The family can consist of two parents, or just one. Eric should be the only child in the home, or at least the youngest. He is eligible for financial assistance.

A "lifebook" - an ongoing record of his life, with photos, documents, and souvenirs - has been started for him and will be a help to the family that welcomes him in.