HERE'S ONE of the many things Tattle has learned over the years writing about celebrities (and just observing life): When people don't like you, they magnify your flaws, and when they like you, they overlook your flaws.

This leads us to the Gary, Ind., Community School Board's plan to name a school after . . . Michael Jackson.

On Tuesday, the board approved a memorandum of understanding with MJ's mother, Katherine Jackson, that says the district hopes the move will "inspire children to excel in the arts and education."

District superintendent Cheryl Pruitt said she's working with the Jackson family on which school to rename.

"A close relationship with the Jackson family to improve the quality of programs for the Gary Community School Corp. can mean tremendous gains for the school district and the city as a whole," she told the Post-Tribune.

MJ spent the first 11 years of his life in Gary until he became famous and the family moved to California. He last returned to Gary in 2003 and received an honorary diploma from Roosevelt High School.

Dogged by rumors about inappropriate relationships with children, Michael was acquitted of child molestation charges in June 2005. School Corp. spokeswoman Charmella Greer said those accusations were never (emphasis Tattle's) considered during discussions about renaming the school.

"He is one of the most beloved artists in the world," Greer told the Associated Press.

Pruitt said renaming the school came up in a conversation with Katherine, who donated $10,000 during the Gary Promise scholarship event hosted by former NBA star Magic Johnson, in April.

"She's always wanted something left here," Pruitt said.

Well, we sure hope she leaves more than 10G - the district has a $27 million deficit.

How about the publishing rights to "Thriller"?

* According to "Entertainment Tonight," Whitney Houston's mom, Cissy Houston, is not a big fan of Lifetime's biopic about her daughter.

In a statement, Cissy said: "Lifetime has chosen to go ahead with the movie about Whitney in spite of my family's objections. No one connected with this movie knew Whitney or anything about her relationship with Bobby."

"Please, please let her rest," she added.

Fat chance. Be it Anna Nicole Smith, Aaliyah or Elizabeth Taylor, no one is resting at Lifetime.

Queen on the Boardwalk

Longtime readers of this column know of Tattle's longtime obsession with the music of Queen.

With Adam Lambert fronting the band, including original guitar god Brian May and drummer extraordinaire Roger Taylor, the show last Wednesday at a sold-out Wells Fargo Center was a rocking good time from start to finish.

The surprise tour of the summer is winding down before heading overseas, but Q+AL is playing Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall at 8 p.m. Saturday. After stops here, at Madison Square Garden and last night at the IZOD Center, in East Rutherford, N.J., good seats are still available on the Boardwalk.

If you want as close an approximation of a Freddie Mercury Queen concert as you're ever going to get, head to the Shore.


* The Spider-Man franchise will next offer a "Sinister Six" spin-off in 2016, pushing "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" to 2018.

Sony's Columbia Pictures announced its updated schedule for the web-slinger yesterday. By going ahead with "Sinister Six," the studio hopes to expand the franchise.

* CBS said yesterday that Stephen Colbert, who is replacing David Letterman as the "Late Show" host next year, will keep the show in New York City's Ed Sullivan Theater.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said CBS is eligible for up to $11 million in tax credits for keeping the show in New York. The state is also making available up to $5 million in grant money for renovating the theater.

In the fourth quarter, CBS' net earnings rose 20 percent to $470 million, so maybe they should give New York a grant.

Duran Duran is suing its own fan club.

The group accuses the club of breaching contract by not paying the band promised revenue.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Duran Duran entered a 2010 contract allowing the club to collect memberships and sell merchandise, and allegedly stipulates that Duran Duran would get 75 percent of the profits.

Adele's toddler son has won a five-figure sum in damages after paparazzi photographed private family moments.

The damages from the settlement with Corbis Images UK will be held in a trust for Angelo, who turns 2 in October.

In the meantime, Cheerios for all.

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