The Blue Room An affair leads to unexpected tragedy in actor-director Mathieu Amalric's startling, challenging, and spectacular postmodern murder mystery. R

Art and Craft It wasn't money that drove Mark Landis to become one of the most prolific art forgers in American history, but an obsessive need for attention. And over 30 years, he got it, cranking out fakes (from Picasso to Walt Disney) in his tiny bedroom and donating them as the real deals to museums nationwide. This doc paints a portrait of a man who, if not a criminal, has been a talented, troubled master of dupery. No MPAA rating

The Guest The team behind last year's You're Next brings us this postmodern mash-up of '70s and '80s horror filled with references to John Carpenter, Brian DePalma, Wes Craven, and other horror greats, and enlivened by a terrific soundtrack. R

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