Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame made good on her threat to wed lovey and infant-father Jionni LaValle, doing so in Garfield, N.J., on Saturday. Her bridal party was a Jersey Shore cast call, with Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, and Deena Cortese looking on. TMZ reports there's no prenup. How refreshing!

Stop the presses . . . forever!

GQ has named "Weird Al" Yankovic Pop Star of the Year. We return you now to your hallucinogen of choice. . . .

Elementary, Watson

James Watson, who, with Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, and Francis Crick, helped discover the molecular structure of the DNA molecule back in 1953, is selling his Nobel Prize. (He, Crick, and Wilkins, but, shamefully, not Franklin, won it). Lots of folks have sold Grammys, Academy Awards, etc., but he'd be the first Nobelist ever. J-Wat says he needs the cash. But it's also a thumb in the eye of a science (and non-science) world that has rejected him. He just can't stop making remarks others find ignorant or racist.

Rumors of his death

Um . . . OOPS. As in BIG OOPS. As you do or should know, publications prepare obituaries in advance for Prominent People Who Are Old. People mag, for example, has an advance obit for Kirk Douglas, dad of Michael Douglas, also known as Mr. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Kirk turns 98 next week and is still, as of this writing, very much with us. But somehow, People published online its hilariously unfinished advance death knell for Kirk, with the headline (and how was this missed?) "DO NOT PUB Kirk Douglas Dies." No reaction from Kirk, but don't read anything into that.

'Soul Train' rolls on

Quite the sparkly show on Sunday night's Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas. Beyoncé won best R&B/soul female artist and also album of the year for Beyoncé.  Pharrell won song of the year for, of course, "Happy." Trey Songz won best R&B/soul male artist, and Philly's own John Legend won the Ashford and Simpson Songwriter's Award (with Toby Gad, John Stephens, and Dave Tozer) for "All of Me." Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Tyga copped three awards for their track "Loyal." And much more!

'Mockingjay' flies

While folks were jammin' the turkey (in fridge and/or tummy), another bird was leading the box-office flock over the weekend. According to studio guesses, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is still in first place, gobbling up $56.875 million, or $82.6 million, over the extended five-day holiday weekend. That's a 53 percent drop from its boffo first weekend, but still the fourth-biggest T-Day weekend take ever. It beat out other birds: Penguins of Madagascar debuted at number dos with $25.8 mils. The rest: (3) Big Hero 6, $18.77 mils; (4) Interstellar, $15.8 mils; (5) Horrible Bosses 2, debuting with $15.7 mils; (6) Dumb and Dumber To, $8.3 mils; (7) The Theory of Everything, $5.08 mils; (8) Gone Girl, $2.47 mils; (9) Birdman (more birds!), with $1.88 mils; and (10) St. Vincent, $1.77 mils.

To-do at 'The View'

Rumors splat that Rosie O'Donnell, ticked she isn't head mouth on ABC's The View (that would be stalwart veteran Whoopi Goldberg), is stompin', fumin', and poutin'. Insiders say she's roundly hated and may not finish the season.