SOME STREETS are numbered, some honor presidents, still others pay tribute to trees. And, as it turns out, the Philadelphia region abounds in winter-holiday themed roads.

From Holly Street, Elfreth's Alley (where Santa's helpers live?) and Chestnut Street, in town, to Sleighride Road, in Willow Grove, and Jolly Road, in Plymouth Meeting, the area's street names are full of holiday spirit.

The motherlode appears in the Snowball Gate section of Levittown. To get there, we turned right on Frosty Hollow Road, left into Snowball Gate and right on Snowball Drive, passing Silverbell Road to arrive at Sugarplum Road. Here we spotted Barb Towers and her husband, Don, sprucing up their entryway with fresh garland and white lights.

Barb recalled that ho-ho-home decorating was serious business in Snowball Gate during her childhood, when her parents, original Levittowners, decked their Levitt Country Clubber to the hilt. It's less so now, she says. But a nighttime cruise around the neighborhood still offers some twinkly (and inflatable) delights to complement the Christmassy street signs.

Is your own street's name short on Yuletide joy? Fear not, residents of eerie-sounding Eyre Street and downcast Champlost Avenue. In this section, Daily News graphic artist Amy Raudenbush has prepared a seasonal sheet of street-sign-themed wrapping paper to spread holiday cheer from our street to yours.