Quiet. Sweet. Endearing.

Those are just some of the adjectives that fit 14-year-old Nala to a T. She's also independent, pleasant, and popular with her peers.

Nala enjoys a wide variety of activities, including arts and crafts. She loves to read, and her favorite trip is to the bookstore. Not surprisingly, she delights in learning new things and enjoys going to school. Nala has joined the stage crew club and is looking forward to creating scenery for plays.

Although she is thinking about her future, Nala has a more immediate goal: to be adopted. She yearns for a permanent home, with a mom and a dad, or just a mom. Nala would benefit from having a strong female role model to guide her in the years ahead. She is close to her siblings, and it is important that the contact be maintained. She is eligible for financial assistance.