The season twinkles with tradition, but secular celebrations also light up cold, dark December nights. Put the gift-wrapping on hold for a night or two: This extended holiday weekend is meant for weirdness.

A Night for Jack: Remembering Jack Rose. Though not holy in the conventional sense, a wintry night recalling Philadelphia's pastoral/primitive guitar great Jack Rose is a religious, heartwarming, soul-stirring experience.

On the fifth anniversary of his death, guitarists Daniel Bachman and Chris Forsyth, among others (including DJ/friend Ian Nagoski) will celebrate Rose's music, legacy, and open-tuning stylings by covering the likes of "Kensington Blues" and talking about this cherished musician.

Secret Pants presents "Cuban Tinsel Crisis": The 5th Annual Yuletide Variety Extravaganza! One of Philadelphia's premier sketch comedy troupes, Secret Pants, marries the tales of Fidel Castro and Father Christmas into one big ball of wax, candy canes, and pinecones with the help of longtime local prop comic the Legendary Wid; sideshow artist Reggie Bügmüncher; stripteaser Randi Warhol; game-show host Joe Moore; sketch comics the Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie; stand-up comedians the Not for Nothin' Podcast, and seasonal sounds from Lazy Gaga.