If 9-year-old James had three wishes, he would ask for a million dollars, a mansion, and 15 puppies. Christmas, he declares, is his favorite holiday because "everybody gathers around and opens presents."

Although he is sometimes reserved when meeting new people, James warms up quickly to those who share his interests, particularly sports. He loves to play basketball and football; the latter is his favorite, and he dreams of playing professionally some day. He also enjoys video games, watching TV, and playing with his prized possession, his Nerf gun.

James is doing well in fourth grade, and is proud of the A he recently received on an assignment. Writing and art are his favorite subjects. After school, he takes part in activities at the local YMCA.

His ideal home, he says, would have "a real strong mom and a real strong dad to protect me." Add to that other children and animals, preferably a dog, a hamster, a guinea pig, or a parrot. He currently lives in the same foster home as his 8-year-old sister, Makayla, to be profiled next week, and they are to be adopted together.