Rodman wants no part of Kim Jong-un 

Remember when former basketballer and professional strange person Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea on what he called a goodwill tour-plus-basketball-diplomacy effort? Remember when he said North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, was his bosom pal? Wonder how that whole thing is working out for the Rod-Man, what with the brouhaha over The Interview and the Sony hack.

Turns out there's a video game titled Glorious Leader!, made by the company Moneyhorse Games. You can fight the United States of America either as Kim or as Rodman. (Pause to titter.) Well, Rodman hates that, and he's suing the makers of Glorious Leader! (Pause to chuckle.) He wants out of it. Evidently Moneyhorse had even pitched the game to Sony. (Pause to guffaw.)

Family holiday high jinks

Wrestling star Kevin Nash, 55, was arrested Wednesday morning after a fight with his teenage son, Tristen, 18. Both men are really big, and Kevin's police photo shows some cuts and scrapes. At first, Kevin Nash was thought to be the aggressor, but now there are indications Tristen may have been roughing up his mother before the encounter with his dad. Merry Christmas!

Kids irk Kelly and Michael

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, her cohost on ABC's Live With Kelly and Michael, say they really don't like it when kids call their parents by their first names, which some pundits say is a growing trend. Wonder whether Tristen Nash called Mom and Dad by their first names Wednesday morn.

Eastwood marriage is fin

Clint Eastwood and wife Dina formalized the end of their marriage in Monterey County Superior Court in California Tuesday. They'd been married for 18 years. The two separated in 2012 and Dina filed for divorce about a year ago.

Burning that man out

Ciara and boyfriend Future have had a rocky time of it. She left in August, saying he was a cheater. They tried to make it work again in September, but it didn't work again. Now they're really done. Know how we know? Girl went and lasered away her tattoo of his first initial (N for Nayvidius) on her ring finger, left hand. So far, he's keeping his tattoo of her first initial.

Speaking of tattoos . . .

. . . and we were . . . hot crooner Sam Smith went with sisters Mabel and Lily to the local tat parlor and got inked for Christmas. All three of them got the Roman numeral III on the inside left wrist. Aw!