Eight-year-old Makayla is a budding fashionista, who delights in picking out her own clothes and making sure everything matches. And, as she will happily point out, she has a special flair for accessorizing.

Vibrant and social, she easily engages in conversation, and gets along well with adults and other children. She enjoys going to school, and excels in spelling and writing.

Among her favorite activities are gymnastics, painting and other arts and crafts, listening to music, and watching television. Her top holiday is Memorial Day because, she says, it is important to respect the soldiers. If she could take a trip anywhere in the world, it would be to Madagascar, because they "don't have enough food or clean water," and she would like to help while there.

And if Makayla could have three wishes? She would ask for a mansion, a Bugatti, and unlimited shoes.

She also would like a permanent home, a two-parent family with other children and a big dog and cat to play with. Makayla currently lives in a foster home with her nine-year-old brother, James, who was profiled last week. The siblings are close and are to be placed together.