IT'S MARCH MADNESS, so that means it's time for TV to fawn all over

Ashley Judd

in her University of Kentucky T-shirts.

There's nothing wrong with the incessant camera shots of the cheering Judd - so many of UK's games are blowouts they're not all that exciting - but the only cyber-criticism she should receive is that she's cheering for a pro team and pretending it's a college team.

Hey, that's cool. Some people cheer for the 76ers, and that's a college team pretending it's a pro team.

But the aggressive, misogynist attacks she's been subjected to on social media go well-beyond fans talking smack.

Judd believes it's cyberbullying and, according to the Los Angeles Times, she's taking action.

"Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist," Judd said Monday on "MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts." "And by the way, I'm pressing charges."

At one point during UK's win over Arkansas in the SEC championship game, Judd tweeted that she thought Arkansas was playing "dirty."

What followed in response was "dirty" all right.

"The amount of gender violence that I experienced is absolutely extraordinary," Judd said on NBC's "Today." "And a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that's directed at me on social media."

One tweet accused Judd of being an "oversensitive liberal" and "mentally weak" because she didn't just laugh off the threats of sodomy.

As we said yesterday, the anonymity of the Internet has emboldened former cowards, highlighted our worsening of manners and given every obnoxious loudmouth (formerly relegated to sports-talk radio or a crate in the park) a multitude of forums and identities to hide behind.

It's a twisted way to fill your day.

But if you feel as though your life won't have any meaning if you don't try to degrade Ashley Judd with your objectifying, angry sex talk, own it. Do it to her face when she's standing with Kentucky Wildcats Marcus Lee, Karl-Anthony Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein, Derek Willis, Trey Lyles and Dakari Johnson.

Let's see how that works out for you.


* It's only seven weeks until this year's Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia (May 7-10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center) and it's just been announced that

David Tennant

, who starred as the Tenth Doctor on "Doctor Who," and

Billie Piper

(Rose Tyler on the show) will have their first joint U.S. signing and photo op here. Tickets will go fast.

For more info go to PhiladelphiaPR and check out Tattle, the Daily News and for updates, news stories, online chats and a pullout show guide coming May 6.

* Travelers at Boston's Logan International Airport got an early taste of St. Patrick's Day when the Dropkick Murphys staged an impromptu performance.

The band, en route to Ireland for a tour, set up in international Terminal E and let it rip.

WBZ-TV reports that the band played a rousing rendition of its hit "I'm Shipping up to Boston," altering the lyrics slightly to make them "I'm Shipping up to Dublin."

Fans danced and jumped up and down inside the terminal during Monday night's brief show.

The Dropkick Murphys had played earlier in the evening at Boston's House of Blues. They are in Ireland for a Celtic Punk Invasion Tour.

* London's Daily Mirror reports that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been casually dating for a year.

* Dolce & Gabbana Week continues in Tattle and it's not getting better. reports that the designers' views on traditional family values don't stop them from selling their clothes with kinky sex. Their new ad is taking heat because it shows a writhing model pinned down by a shirtless male, as three other glistening men look on.

Rape? Gang bang? You make the call. The important thing is that the model is not being positioned for an in vitro implant.

- Daily News wire services

contributed to this report.