CATS MAY prefer to rely on their eyes rather than follow their noses when it comes to finding food, according to a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science by animal behaviorists at the University of Lincoln, in the United Kingdom. Cats have a super sense of smell, but at least under test conditions, when given a choice, they were more likely to use vision than scent to obtain a food reward.

*  Exercising with dogs used to mean walking them around the block, but more trainers are offering fitness classes that include dogs as an integral part of the workout. From "Exercise With Your Dog," in Madison, Wisconsin, to "Leash Your Fitness," in San Diego, the classes combine activity and basic obedience, taking both to a new level. Activities include jumping up from a squat, prompting dogs to leap into the air for a treat, zigzagging through cones, yoga stretches and more.

*  If you see a dog who looks like a miniature Siberian husky, you might be looking at an Alaskan klee kai. A new breed created within the past 30 years, the klee kai is a playful and energetic dog who enjoys long walks and hikes, dog sports such as nose work and agility, and playing with toys. They will "talk" to you when you come home from work, spending several minutes telling you about their day. This breed is best suited to an active person or family with an endless supply of lint brushes and a powerful vacuum cleaner.