How to celebrate on Two Street like a local

Check out the special performance areas and food trucks at Second and Reed, and Second and Ritner. Mummers also drill in front of their own clubhouses, and serenade other clubs.

Arrive early, but not too early. The main action happens between 4 and 9 p.m., after official Mummers judging at City Hall is complete.

Stay out of Second Street itself; do not interject yourself into the parade. Stick to the sidewalks; metal barriers will run the length of the Strut. Traffic, and pedestrian crosswalks will be provided. Check for up-to-date street closures.

Leave backpacks at home - they are officially banned from the Second Street Strut. The National Security Agency has raised public safety concerns about backpacks at large events.

Use the trash cans and recycling bins located along Second Street, or pack your trash out with you.

If you're fussy: Bring hand sanitizer or wet wipes, and a pack of tissues. Organizers are providing portable toilets at Second and Reed, and Second and Ritner, plus every two blocks along Second Street, but it's a long day, and no sane person relies on public toilet paper supplies.

"Share What You See" - Post to the active 2ndStreetStrut Facebook page if you see something awry., or email

Head home by 10 p.m., when police will be clearing the zone.

- Felicia D'Ambrosio