Kardashian Nation notations

Sources tell TMZ there's no truth to rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage is crashing. One Insider employs this technical term: "BS." It's certainly been a time for Kimye. There seems to have been a robbery. And a blowup/breakdown/hospital stay. But Kanye is back home, chillin' with Kim, kids Saint and North, and detoxing.

. . . But . . . wait . . . oh, look, here's Us Weekly, quoting a Kardashian Pal that, and we quote, "she wants a divorce." Pal continues: "It will take some time before she can do anything . . . but she doesn't want to stay married." The Daily Mail amplifies this in a headline: "Kim Kardashian 'wants divorce from Kanye West after he recovers from breakdown and is plotting to get full custody of the kids.' "

. . . But . . . still other accounts say Kim "will do anything" to have a third child. Anything. Lie! Steal! Act!

Meantime, the off-again-off-again Kourtney Kardashian and serial baby daddy Scott Disick thing continues. They've moved back in together. Recent Instagrams show them walking together in Malibu and sledding with kids Reign, Mason, and Penelope.

And - not finally - Kim, Kourtney, and sis Khloé have filed suit to block Blac Chyna, who has now mixed her genetic material with that of Rob Kardashian in the person of baby Dream Renée, from using/getting paid off the Kardashian name. Yeah - what's wrong with Chyna!?!!

It's all TV marketing genius, yo. There is no keeping up.

The 'Tango' that never ends

For years, Maria Schneider, who costarred with Marlon Brando in the 1973 borderline art/porn/cartoon/cult classic Last Tango in Paris, said she ended up hating Marlon and director Bernardo Bertolucci. Schneider, who died in 2011, said that in the "butter scene," she was raped, never told it was coming. Now comes a 2013 video in which Bernardo says, yeah, he and Marlon thought it up and just went ahead. Much outrage from folks like Jessica Chastain, Anna Kendrick, and Ava DuVernay. Now Miko Brando, eldest son of Marlon, tells a TMZ guy, "That's not the human being" his father was and that Dad "would be totally disgusted." Bernardo? "Maybe he needs the money." Maybe!

Compiled by staff writers.