Jolly and bawdy

It's only appropriate that you spend Christmas with Santa Claus. Or Clauses, as is the case with the documentary I Am Santa Claus, courtesy of South Jersey's own Tommy Avallone.

He hooks up with the former pro wrestler (and prolific author) Mick Foley to profile the men who don't just don the Santa beard for a little cash around the holidays, but who they keep themselves in full St. Nick fighting shape year-round.

Avallone, Foley, and crew followed five men who look like Santa Claus (one even changed his name to Santa Claus) for a full year to show what their lives are like during the off-season. One is a real estate agent, another makes "a mean pulled pork," another works at a sex club. These guys aren't perfect, but each upholds strong feelings that the image of this beloved figure should not in any way be besmirched for the children who still believe (and the adults who just like the magic of the season).

This doc is not family friendly so it's perhaps best watched after the little ones are tucked away for the evening. But it's bawdy good fun and certainly a change from your annual holiday viewing of Miracle on 34th Street. If Die Hard is your kind of Christmas movie, consider your weekend streaming planned.

- M.E.
Where to stream: Netflix.

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