'MythBusters' crew is back

Fans of MythBusters may still be mourning the loss of the Discovery show, but its legacy lives on in Netflix's White Rabbit Project.

Featuring former MythBusters crew members Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci, the show picks up where MythBusters left off (the series ended in March). But there's enough change here to make this sequel- of-sorts not feel like MythBusters 2.0.

Unlike MythBusters, where Byron, Imahara, and Belleci tested out urban legends, this time around, the ex-M7 Build Team takes true pop-culture stories - think jailbreaks, annoying technology, scam artists, and heists - and ranks how impressive each story is. The show is supposed to be a trip "down the rabbit hole" of each episode's theme.

While the show's mission may have changed, beloved MythBusters elements like experiments, tests, and builds make their way to the White Rabbit Project.

Sadly, there are noticeably fewer explosions.

The show is geared toward all ages, so don't be shy about bringing the little ones down the rabbit hole with you. It's a geeky, immersive watch that thankfully puts the best part of MythBusters - Kari, Grant, and Tory - back on our television screens.

If you're having Myth-drawals, this is the one to stream.

- Nick Vadala
Where to stream: Netflix.

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