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5 shows by Philadelphians to binge over Thanksgiving weekend

Looking for something to binge watch with the fam over Thanksgiving weekend? Sure, Creed is streaming on Hulu and Amazon, and that's always crowd pleaser. But if you need to preoccupy even more time, keep it local this year with these bingeable show featuring a local presence.

1. Gilmore Girls

The much heralded revival of the beloved WB/CW series hits Netflix today. It features quite a bit of Haddonfied's Scott Patterson, who plays diner owner (and Lorelai's love) Luke Danes. (Hey Luke superfans, did you know that Patterson's in a band?) The four new episodes are on Netflix now, but you can also the series start from the beginning if you're feeling ambitious.

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2. Good Girls Revolt

Moorestown reporter-turned-TV writer Dana Calvo brings the story of women fighting for equality in the workplace to Amazon.

From Ellen Gray's interview with Calvo:

It's December 1969. A free concert at the Altamont Speedway in Northern California has turned deadly. Patti Robinson (Genevieve Angelson) has a lead on an angle that could put her news magazine ahead of the competition, and, like any good reporter, she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the story.

Patti, though, isn't a reporter, even if she's doing the work of one.

Along with the rest of the college-educated, all-female research staff at Calvo's fictional News of the Week, Patti's blocked from a job that's open only to her male peers - who get the bylines, the attaboys, and the paychecks that, the women will eventually learn, are three times the size of theirs.

Watch this with some of the badass ladies in your life -- mom, grandmom, aunt, wife -- who paved the way for women.

3. Goliath

Norristown's own Maria Bello stars in Amazon's Goliath, the newest legal drama from David E. Kelley  (The Practice, Boston Legal). She plays the wife of Billy Bob Thorton, who plays a burned out lawyer who takes a case against the biggest client of his former firm (where his ex just so happens to work). Bello says she was drawn to the show because of Kelley. "But you know David Kelley - he's not only prolific, but before it became fashionable, he was writing really great, complicated female roles on television," Bello told Gray.

4. Mr. Robot

USA's paranoid techno thriller from Washington Township's own Sam Esmail takes a lot of concentration so keep that in mind when deciding what to watch. Elliot (Rami Malek) is a cybersecurity expert by day and hacker by night. He ekes out an existent until he joins forces with an uber-shady group of underground hackers led by Christian Slater. The first season is already streaming on Amazon, while the second is available for purchase.

5. The Goldbergs

Need a broad family sitcom that's also pretty great? Jenkintown's Adam F. Goldberg's solid ABC sitcom is streaming in its entirety on Hulu. Goldberg based the show on his family -- the main character is a nerdy cinephile named Adam Goldberg -- and features a heavy-hitting comedic cast (Jeff Garlin, Wendi McLendon-Covey) in this '80s pastiche. Added bonus: There's a ton of references to Philly-area things, especially the sports teams.