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Hackers take on Westboro Baptist Church over planned Sandy Hook protest

Anonymous announces it is intent on destroying the Westboro Baptist Church. Image via ETECHMAG.
Anonymous announces it is intent on destroying the Westboro Baptist Church. Image via ETECHMAG.Read moreImage via ETECHMAG

For some, the massacre at Sandy Hook is a sobering example of problems that plague the United States of America, regardless of political affiliation. For others—like, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, for instance—it's an opportunity to remind the country that God totally doesn't like homosexuals. Everyone's least favorite group of "activists" announced its intention to picket at Sandy Hook Elementary, citing the horrific incident as God's response to gay marriage. Enter: Anonymous.

The group of hackers responded to Westboro Baptist Church's plans by releasing personal information—like phone numbers, home addresses, and personal email accounts—of Westboro's members. Anonymous also released a YouTube video detailing its plans to systematically dismantle Westboro Baptist Church. [Salon]

UPDATE: Hackers appear to have taken over Westboro Baptist Church Twitter feeds, including that of the group's "official spokesperson," Shirley Phelps-Roper. UGNazi—a computer hacker group—claims that hacker prodigy, 15-year-old Cosmo the God is behind the takeover. Though, Cosmo the God is already in some significant hot water and isn't supposed to be on the Internet. [Gizmodo]

UPDATE: Anonymous announced on Twitter that the Westboro Baptist Church folks were supposed to stay at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut.

An update on the Heritage Hotel Facebook page that the members of the the Westboro Baptist Church arent' staying there. It reads: