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Drake wants his YOLO blood money ASAP

Drake wants you to drop whatever it is you're doing and focus you energy on ensuring that he gets his cut of the $11 you spent on that neon-orange YOLO tank top on the Wildwood Boardwalk last year. Seriously. He recently tweeted a picture of a rack of "YOLO" hats in Walgreens, suggesting that the company should cut him a check because they've got the merch in stock. This is despite the fact that the widely used acronym actually dates back at least as far as a 2003 episode of The Average Joe on NBC (and the resulting clothing company it spawned in 2004). Also, there's this Strokes song:

It was linked to an operational campaign called "Operation YOLO", which tried to encourage listeners to request the song on the radio. But, Drake totally coined it and deserves a bunch of doll hairs for his efforts.

For what it's worth, YOLO stands for "you only live once." It was this year's runner-up for Oxford American Dictionary's "word of the year." [HuffPo]