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Everyone is buying guns to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Zombies are having a moment. It seems like that moment has been lingering for a while, but the zombie thing hasn't faded away yet. The Walking Dead's ratings and the view count for World War Z's trailer are proof of that. Apparently, so are rising sales figures in the firearm industry. On Black Friday, there was a 20-percent hike in background checks for guns over last year. Some say that the zombie culture is a contributing factor.

Companies have been producing and selling—and selling out of—zombie-themed merchandise. Targets, cartridges, and the like are marketed to people who are interested in the zombie fad or who are preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. The slogan for Zombie Max ammunition is, "just in case." If the zombies do attack, don't forget to limber up and use the double tap. [HuffPo]