Back in ye days of olde, there was rum cake. We like to imagine it's what Black Beard ate to get slizzard on food. It's the future, so scientists have since created alcoholic whipped cream because how else are you supposed to top your holiday cider? Then, there was the infamous rum ham. Thanks for everything, Frank Reynolds. As it turns out, those items aren't alone, because you could have been eating wine ice cream this whole time. Flavors like "Cherry Merlot" and "Chocolate Cabernet" are five-percent alcohol and available courtesy of Mercer's Dairy. Luckily, Mercer's will ship it to you. Overnight, no less, because you need that pint of "Red Raspberry Chardonnay" pronto. This is going to be perfect for the classic Christmas Eve tradition of getting drunk and watching Love Actually alone. Oh, that's just me? Terrific. [h/t Jezebel]