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Kanye West goes on epic rant, storms out of concert after 30 minutes

Kanye West brought his Sacramento concert to an abrupt end Saturday night, going on a stream-of-consciousness rant before walking off the stage to boos and confusion from fans.

West started the show 90 minutes late and performed two songs before launching into the profanity-filled tirade that some fans recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Hovering above the crowd on a stage suspended from the ceiling, West railed against corporate radio, Google, Facebook, fellow hip-hop star Jay-Z and his wife, Beyoncé, who West claimed used dirty tricks to win MTV's Video of the Year award.

He also waded into politics, attacking Hillary Clinton.

"This 'Saint Pablo' tour is the most relevant (thing) happening," West told the crowd, according to a video of the performance. "If your old a-- keeps following old models, your a-- is going to get Hillary Clintoned. You might not like it, but you need to hear it."

Near the end, as West asked a stage manager to dock the floating stage so he could end the show, a chorus of boos and curse words directed at West can be heard. A fan even started a joking petition challenging West to a fight because of the concert.

Watch (warning: graphic language):

Outside the arena afterward, many fans were visibly upset, the Sacramento Bee reported.

"I spent $250," Christian Krebs, of Sacramento, told the newspaper. "I might be a fan of his music, but I'm not a fan of his character."

It was the second time in as many days that West used a concert as a political and social soapbox.

On Thursday in San Jose, West took lengthy breaks to talk about his views on race and the presidential election.

He told the crowd that he didn't vote but that if he had, he would have voted for Donald Trump. He also reiterated that he wanted to run for president in 2020.