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Kanye West's former tour DJ is throwing a Yeezy-themed party tonight

Today, Kanye West was supposed to hit the Wells Fargo Center for his Saint Pablo tour, but  he cancelled the tour shortly before he was hospitalized.

Tonight, his former tour DJ, DJ Aktive and pary promoter Richard Issa Bockari are throwing a "What Would Yeezy Do?" pop-up party at Saint Lazarus in Northern Liberties. The two started planning the party two weeks ago, while West was in the hospital. They're not turned off by about West's recent meeting with president elect Donald Trump. "We're  not really concerned about the political," Bockari said. "We just want to  celebrate and listen to his music."

Bockari and Aktive hope to make the party the first in a series. Heard of Drake night? This would be Yeezy night.

DJ Hvnlee and Mad Skillz will also spin, while Philly artist Ivben Taqiy will live paint a work depicting Kanye himself.

DJ Aktive, who worked with West from 2008 to 2011, said after that after his mother, Donda West, died in 2007, West "was cool but he was going hard. There were more rehearsals and a lot of time in the studio."

Aktive thinks the pressure of fame and his mother's death have gotten to him.

"He's been nonstop," said Bockari. "At some point you break and that's what we're seeing right now."

Taqiy's work will try to represent that. The painting he'll be completing at the party represents "what Kanye's going through."

"When you're an artist it's so hard for people to understand you because the things that give you inspiration, it comes from the craziest places," said Taqiy. "Kanye is a real true artist and sometimes he gets caught up in the image and the money."

The painting shows Kanye wearing a shirt emblazoned with a younger version of his own image, while his mother stand behind him. The young Kanye is the old Kanye, that Taqiy says many, including himself, miss.

"It's his mother from the heavens pulling coming from the trenches of hell," said Taqiy. "Kanye is making hell on earth with his decisions. I want people to look into his eyes and see he's going through something crazy."

10 p.m.-2 a.m., Thursday, Saint Lazarus, 102 W. Girard Ave, $5 before midnight; $7 after midnight.