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A creatively performed 'Brigadoon'

Somewhere in Scotland, there is a forest. And in that forest, there is a small village, surrounded by a mysterious fog.  What? You don't believe me? Just ask the students at Chestnut Hill Academy/Springside School, who recently brought this magical town to life in their production of Brigadoon.

Originally appearing on Broadway in 1947, Brigadoon tells the story of two hunters who get lost while on an excursion in Scotland. The two stumble upon the mystical village of Brigadoon, a town that can only be seen by outsiders once every hundred years.

The production opened in a rather creative manner, with a short video clip that set the scene for the audience. This interesting decision nicely foreshadowed what was to come in the rest of the performance.

Immediately following the video, the audience was surrounded by the Scottish villagers of Brigadoon. Performing much of the play in the aisles of the theatre, the cast utilized their space to its full potential. Additionally, the ensemble had a beautiful choral sound, which was useful in a show where much of the music has more of a classical feel.  The men's ensemble, in particular, proved they have strong vocal talent in such numbers as "The Chase."

Leading the cast were Elena Markos and Patrick Dwyer, who played the roles of Fiona MacLaren and Tommy Albright respectively. Dwyer and Markos had wonderful on stage chemistry that made their budding romance a believable one. Furthermore, Markos was very convincing in her role as the show's ingénue and tactfully used a Scottish dialect to further develop her character.

Other noteworthy performances were given by Lauren Ritter and Griffin Horter, who played Meg Brockie and Jeff Douglas. Ritter showcased her powerful belt in such numbers as "The Love of My Life" and "My Mother's Wedding Day" while Horter used his excellent comedic timing and delivery to help further the plot.

Overall, the students at Chestnut Hill Academy/Springside School put up a thoroughly entertaining production. The cast and crew of Brigadoon should most definitely be commended for their hard work and success.