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NY Post puts photo of man about to be killed by train on front page

The front page of Tuesday's New York Post is covered with a photo of Ki Suk Han, a 58-year-old husband and father, standing on subway track in the city's 49th Street station. A yet-to-be-identified man pushed Han onto the tracks as a train approached. The man that pushed Han was reportedly harassing people on the platform when Han approached him. The two struggle and Han was pushed onto the track. The conductor tried to stop, but couldn't. Han was stuck and killed by the train. A New York Post freelance photographer happened to be on the platform as the tragedy played out and managed to snap the shot. The photographer said he was running toward the train, trying to warn the conductor with his flash. The headline reads, "Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die" in the upper right-hand corner of the page and "DOOMED" along the bottom. Many people are upset at the Post's decision to run the photo. [h/t Gawker]