Last night everyone in the Electric Factory watched as two different rappers from two opposite coasts put on one phenomenal show.  Even through the clouds of smoke that filled the venue from unmentionable substances, it was easy to see that Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa make the perfect team for their "Mac and Devin go to High School" tour.

The show kicked off with openers Chevy Woods and YG, two artists the the crowd was definitely familiar with.  Next up was the man himself, Snoop Dogg.  Walking out with three sexy dancers in Adidas sweats in tow, Snoop kicked off the show with "I Wanna Rock" and the crowd obviously dug it.  Three songs later, the ladies had stripped down into lingerie and as they straddled steel chairs, Snoop hit the crowd with "I Wanna F*** You", his hit single with Akon.  Next came the classics, "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang", "Next Episode", and "Who Am I". The original, old school Snoop songs had everyone going insane.  The crowd was in the perfect mind state for the other half of the main event.

For such a skinny guy, Wiz Khalifa is unbelievably full of energy. When he ran out onto the stage, people in the crowd literally lost their minds.  Girls were shrieking,  guys were screaming, tons of illegal substances were being tossed on stage to honor their favorite rapper, and security was not happy.

Khalifa fans were definitely in the house. Starting off with "Cabin Fever", the crowd knew every single word.  Mixtape bangers such as "In The Cut" and "Gang Bang" had everyone on their feet.  But truly, the most fun moments of the concert to watch were when both Snoop Dogg and Khalifa were on stage together.

After an intermission which featured scenes from "Mac & Devin Go to High School", the two rappers emerged on stage together performing "That Good" and "Gin and Juice". The duo then performed both of their number one hits, Snoop started off with  "Drop It Like It's Hot" and Wiz Khalifa followed with top charter "Black and Yellow".

The show ended with the single off of the "Mac and Devin go to High School Soundtrack" called "Young, Wild, & Free", rebellious song about the fun of, well, partying. At the finish of the song, the two embraced in a hug and each man took a bow.  Two super stars from different times closing the generation gap in one night.