The Big Top was back in town Friday night, as Pink brought her galvanizing The Truth About Love tour back to her old stomping grounds.

Yes, the plucky daughter of Doylestown played the Wells Fargo Center just last March. But when you've assembled pop's greatest spectacle, why not take a victory lap?

Starring Pink as the daring young woman on the flying trapeze. The singer spent almost as much time in midair as she did on stage. The fact that for part of the show her wrists were heavily taped was a pretty clear signal that she was about to get more physical than Olivia Neutron Bomb.

The demanding acrobatics started with her rousing opening number, "Raise Your Glass"during which she bungeed up and down from the rafters. It continued right up to the closer, "So What"which saw her soaring spectacularly all around the cavernous arena, like a tattooed Tinkerbelle.

Was she really singing? It's hard to believe anyone could so smoothly carry a melody as Pink did on "Sober", while spinning crazily above the crowd in a contraption that looked like a jungle gym designed by Dr. Frankenstein.

But she was certainly belting it out on two of the more stationary numbers, "The Great Escape"and "Who Knew"which drew the night's most impassioned vocals.

Pink put on a display of impressive kinetic creativity as she scampered all over her expansive cantilevered stage which featured trampolining trap doors and 12 big screens with various shapes and frames.

The set was fueled by a surfeit of motion, none of it wasted. And Pink still found the opportunity to accessorize her distinctive glamor punk look with an array of outfits that suggested Sheba of the Jungle had merged with Frederick's of Hollywood.

"My whole family is here,"she confided from a piano stool. "This is fun. My mom brought S'mores." The adoring, predominantly female crowd offered up a variety of tributes, including a goofy Philly Phanatics hat which Pink gamely put on.

At Pink's musical circus, even that hideous headwear looked appropriate.