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The Internet is real life: teenagers think they're too cool for their parents on Facebook

Good news, parents! Your little ones are probably going to want to friend you on Facebook. About 65 percent of 13-year-olds friend their parents on the site. Bad news, parents. Even the Internet isn't powerful enough to prevent your kids from being all, "Daaaaaaad, stoooooop" as they get older. The percentage of kids friending their parents on Facebook drops as the kids reach their twenties. But, don't worry Mom and Dad, your kids will want to be friends again when they're 40 and their kids are ignoring them. So, you've got that to look forward to.

The data that helps demonstrate this is compiled into a post by Facebook Research Scientist Moira Burke. Burke's study looks at how and when parents and children interact on Facebook.

It's worth noting that the nature of the interaction between parents and kids on Facebook is pretty positive. Below, a figure from the Facebook piece shows the phrases parents use most often when interacting with their sons and daughters on Facebook.

Aw. Also, don't forget to notice that dads say "dude" and use curse words because the Internet is real life. [Facebook]