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The world held its breath while Taylor Swift tried to beatbox for LL Cool J

Taylor Swift will try just about anything. She'll sing country. She'll rap. She'll sing pop. She'll dabble in dubstep. She'll cover Eminem in concert. She'll hold your hand, fall in love with you, then a poem about you in her Burn Book, set it to music and make gazillions of dollars selling it to teenage girls (and everyone else on the planet). She'll act. Now, apparently, she'll also beatbox. T-Swift co-hosted the Grammy nominations special with LL Cool J and tried to lay down a beat for Cool James while he whipped out a few lines from "Mean". Swift's skills were less than impressive, but she managed to be self-deprecatingly adorable, minus the far-too-intense gangster hand that you and your friends use to sarcastically express enthusiasm when Hall and Oates comes on B101.1.