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Coffins with sound systems let dead people listen to music

A company in Sweden is selling coffins with speakers so that you can listen to music after you die. Yep, it's a thing that's happening. For the low, low price of $30,000, you can get a tricked-out eternal resting place so you can bump Road Trip Mix 2009 from now until forever. That, or your friends will be able to troll you by playing "Never Gonna Give You Up" on loop. RickRolling somone in the afterlife? Troll hand strong.

Kind of like your will, you'll be able to manage your post-mortal playlist via the CataPlay service on Spotify. So, when you finally kick it, you'll have your favorite jams queued up.

"The CataTomb features a 2,5 GHz Intel core processor and a 7-inch LCD-display showing what song's playing."

Yes, really.

Creepiest commercial ever? Creepiest commercial ever. [h/t BuzzFeed]