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These are the top 10 Google search terms of 2012

As the year comes to a close, Google trends shows what everyone on the Internet was trying to find. Below are the 10 most popular search terms punched into Google in 2012. [h/t Mashable]

10. Games - Temple run. Words With Friends. Whatever else you play. But, mostly just Robot Unicorn Attack. "Always I want to beeeeee with you and make belieeeeeeeeeve with you... "

9. Mail - Because the Gmail tab at the top of the browser window might as well be in China—no way we're gonna trek all the way up there.

8. Yahoo - Did somebody say fantasy football? Thanks for everything, Ryan Mathews. Jerk.

7. You - Who's got two thumbs and couldn't stop googling "you" this year?

6. Hotmail - This proves that, apparently, people still use Hotmail? Didn't know that was still a thing.

5. Download - Pirates, the lot of you.

4. Free - Everything is better when it's $FREE.99.

3. Google - It's like a dream... inside a dream.

2. YouTube - For the record, there's also a tab for this now.

1. Facebook - Having it in our pockets and available with the click of the app button simply isn't enough, so we spent the whole year searching for "Facebook".