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Wanda Sykes responds after being booed for bashing Trump at charity event

Comedian Wanda Sykes is known for many things, but mincing her words isn’t one of them.

Comedian Wanda Sykes isn't known for mincing words.

The comedian, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Media, gave a crowd at the 22nd annual Comics Come Home charity event at the TD Garden in Boston the middle finger Saturday night after she was booed over a rant about President-elect Donald Trump.

"I am certain this is not the first time we've elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president," Sykes, who is gay, said before firing back at the chorus of boos that greeted her criticism of the incoming president. On an audio recording of the event, one angry attendee can be heard yelling, "Throw the b- out!"

"F- you, F- you, F-you," Sykes yelled at audience members gathered for the benefit, which raises money for the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Center. Sykes herself is a cancer survivor; she underwent a double mastectomy in 2011.

Despite media reports, Sykes wasn't booed off stage. She worked through the crowd's angry reaction and finished her set. But when the boo-birds returned to greet her exit, Sykes extended her middle finger to the crowd as she walked off.

Watch (warning: graphic language):

Sykes wasn't the only comedian to joke about Trump at the event. According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts native Denis Leary opened the benefit by mocking both presidential candidates with a video montage that included a photo of Trump next to an orangutan, which reportedly got "a big laugh."

Leary also defended Sykes to the angry crowd and chastised their reaction to her set.

"She flew from ... Los Angeles just to do this ... gig," an angry Leary yelled at the crowd. "So a little ... appreciation would be very much appreciated."

Sykes, who initially refused to comment on the event, took to social media to explain.

"Some people in the audience didn't want to hear my Trump jokes. Hell, I couldn't even get to the punchlines. They were booing the setups," Sykes said on Facebook late Monday night. "They were yelling for me to shut the F up and to go F myself, so I simply told them how that made me feel."

When Sykes was leaving the stage, the Boston Herald reported, a woman gave Sykes a hug and a kiss while making a peace sign at the angry crowd, prompting them to cheer instead.

Sykes said itwasn't just "some woman" - it was her wife, Alex Niedbalski. And the cheering crowd surprised her.

"It was a great moment and it gave me a little hope for our future," Sykes said.