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You totally messed up if you missed the 'Homeland' finale

On Sunday night, Homeland's second season came to a dramatic and controversial end. Abu Nazir went all Trinity Killer on the CIA. Brody's daughter is still all angsty. There was—surprise!—more of the drama, the drama between Carrie and Brody. Saul stole the show. Here's what everyone's saying about it.

Rolling Stone's Sean T. Collins was less than impressed. [Rolling Stone]

HuffPost's Michael Hogan says he'll be back for a third season. [HuffPost]

Salon's Willa Paskin is hooked, even if the show is using romance and action as a crutch. [Salon]

Esquire's Alex Berenson was displeased with the implausibility of the final episode of Season 2. [Esquire]

Grantland's Andy Greenburg—who focuses on the show's execution of "imbalance"—calls the finale "deeply satisfying." [Grantland]'s Tim Surette dug it because it got back to the shows "uncertain" roots. []

Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker loved it. [EW]