Reviewed by Peter Dobrin (P.D.), Wendy Rosenfield (W.R.), Jim Rutter (J.R.), and Toby Zinman (T.Z.).

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Quintessence Theatre Group) A colorful exercise in equilibrium-smashing anarchy, full of fun and visual surprises. Through Jan. 4. - W.R.

Arthur & the Tale of the Red Dragon (People's Light and Theatre Company) This year's holiday panto employs puppets and a marvelous cast to fine effect. Through Jan. 11. - W.R.

Bad Jews (Walnut Street Theatre/Independence Studio) Cousins combust in a battle over a family heirloom, in a top-notch production of a laugh-out-loud play full of painful insights. Through next Sunday. - T.Z.

Beauty and the Beast (Arden Theatre) Complex characters and intriguing shadow-play sets enhance this new version of a tale as old as time. Through Feb. 1. - P.D.

Great Expectations (Arden Theatre Company) In a production that's good fun, a small, strong cast tackles Dickens' big, rich tale of Pip and his life of luck, love, and lucre. Ends Sunday. - W.R.

Les Miserables (Media Theatre) A moving production spectacularly sung by a top-notch cast, which is poorly served by inadequate sets. Extended through Jan. 18. - J.R.

Mary Poppins (Walnut Street Theatre) A delightful cast makes the most of this dandy show's big Broadway moments. Through Jan. 4. - T.Z.

Outside Mullingar (Philadelphia Theatre Company) John Patrick Shanley's lovable play gets a lovable production, full of quirky charm and tasty dialogue. Through Dec. 31. - T.Z.

Sleigh Ride (Broadway Theatre of Pitman) An international revue of holiday musical favorites. Ends Sunday.

This Is the Week That Is (1812 Productions) The company's annual current-events revue upholds traditions with gentle riffs, loads of laughs, and humor ranging from dry to very dry. Through next Sunday. - J.R.