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Tattle: Some top actors don't like strike threat

NOT ALL ACTORS are reading from the same script. More than 130 A-listers signed a letter urging their colleagues to reject a strike-authorization vote in January.

Eva Longoria Parker was among stars who signed letter to SAG.
Eva Longoria Parker was among stars who signed letter to SAG.Read moreFile photo

NOT ALL ACTORS are reading from the same script.

More than 130 A-listers signed a letter urging their colleagues to reject a strike-authorization vote in January.

"We don't think that an authorization can be looked at as merely a bargaining tool," said the letter, signed by "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria Parker, "Spider-Man" Tobey Maguire and others. "It must be looked at as what it is - an agreement to strike if negotiations fail.

"We do not believe in all good conscience that now is the time to be putting people out of work," it said.

Hey, they'll sure have a lot of company.

Other signers of the letter included Tom Hanks, Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Heather Graham and Edward Norton, all of whom could probably afford to miss a paycheck.

The letter, sent to guild board members and staff, is the latest sign of unrest with the leadership of the 120,000-strong union.

(It's that 120,000 that's the problem. Most of them don't work so they view picket lines as a chance to network with bigger stars. The ones at the top of the food chain make so much money, they could survive a 10-year strike. It's the working actors in between who have the least clout, but to whom the vote is most important.)

On Friday, the New York reps on the guild's board demanded a halt to the strike vote and called for an emergency meeting to replace the negotiating committee.

Guild President Alan Rosenberg, whose life was further complicated recently when he separated from wife Marg Helgenberger, planned the meeting for Friday, but rescinded it after New Yorkers complained about the short notice to travel. A new meeting has not been scheduled.

Camp seeks guitar heroes

It's just like Baseball Fantasy Camp except you swing an ax instead of a bat. says that the "counselor" lineup at Hollywood's next Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp (April 29-May 3) will include Duff McKagan (ex-Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), Mark Farner (ex-Grand Funk Railroad) Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Alan White (Yes), Rusty Anderson (McCartney), Teddy Andreadis (ex-GNR and Alice Cooper) and songwriter/producer Mark Hudson, who's worked with Ringo Starr, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne.

For more info, check out


* reports that Catherine Falk, daughter of veteran actor Peter Falk ("Columbo"), says that her father suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is no longer competent to run his own life.

Catherine filed legal papers in L.A. claiming that her father "requires full-time custodial care for his health and safety."

She also claims that she is worried that her father "can easily be deceived into transferring away property," and she believes that a conservatorship will protect Peter from "fraud or undue influence."

A hearing is set for next month.

* Summit Entertainment is really trying to strike while the "Twilight" is hot.

"New Moon" will rush into theaters Nov. 20, 2009.

Chris Weitz ("The Golden Compass") will speed-direct.

* The Hollywood Reporter reports that Olivia Wilde ("House") and Beau Garrett are the first to sign on for "Tron 2.0," the sequel to the 1982 Disney cult film being directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Tattle has no interest in this film, but if Olivia Wilde is in it, we're there.

* Jennifer Lopez has a "Plan B."

The romantic comedy, reports the Hollywood Reporter, is about a single woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination (her Plan B) only to meet the man of her dreams (her Plan A) on the very same day.

That sounds like "Plan Don't C."

* Fox says that Halle Berry and Tyler Perry will host the 40th NAACP Image Awards.

Nominations for the Image Awards, which honor those who promote diversity in the arts, will be announced Jan. 7.

The Feb. 12 ceremony, will kick off a yearlong centennial celebration for the NAACP.

* Anne Hathaway's no-goodnik ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, has agreed that he owes more than $3.6 million to those he ripped off in a real-estate scam.

Federal prosecutors said that Follieri has agreed to pay restitution of $2 million to Toronto-based Dundee Realty Corp., $813,000 to Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund and $40,000 to an Atlantic City monsignor.

He's serving 4 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty to cheating investors.

* Court documents showthat Dennis Quaid and his wife have agreed to a $750,000 settlement with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the L.A. hospital that gave their newborn twins an overdose of blood thinner.

Cedars is not admitting wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

The $750,000 is admission enough.

* It's not TV. It's HBOprah.

HBO and Oprah Winfrey's production company, Harpo Films, have reached an exclusive three-year deal to develop movies and miniseries.

Harpo had been at ABC for 15 years.

Kate Forte, head of Harpo, says that she expects to make a more eclectic mix of programming than was featured on ABC, which focused on movies positive in tone.

* Film critic Roger Ebert is becoming an honorary life member of the Directors Guild of America.

"From the blockbuster to the tiny independent film, Roger Ebert has devoted his career to sharing his love of film with generations of moviegoers," says guild President Michael Apted. "In doing so, he's kept directors on their toes for more than 40 years."

Ebert will receive the honor at the guild's Jan. 31 awards dinner.

* According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Cartoon Network's "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" are coming to the big screen.

We're assuming this is big news if you're a small boy. *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.