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Tattle: Now appearing on 44-cent stamp: Bob Hope

BOB HOPE, the late comedian famed for his punchlines, "Road" movies, ski nose and tireless travel to entertain American troops is being honored with a 44-cent postage stamp today in ceremonies aboard the USS Midway in San Diego.



, the late comedian famed for his punchlines, "Road" movies, ski nose and tireless travel to entertain American troops is being honored with a 44-cent postage stamp today in ceremonies aboard the USS Midway in San Diego.

"I think that he would be thrilled, absolutely honored and love the thought of it," his daughter Linda Hope said.

"It would also be an opportunity for him to get in a few jokes about the rise in the cost of postage," she added.

The Postal Service has printed 100 million stamps featuring Hope and they are on sale nationwide.

Meanwhile, Hope's widow, Dolores, celebrated her 100th birthday Wednesday night at her Toluca Lake (Calif.) home.

When Bob reached his 100th birthday, he was too frail to enjoy it. Although Dolores was brought to the party in a wheelchair, she was alert and happy as she greeted old friends and posed for photographs.

Guests included Gloria Stuart, who will be 99 on July 4; Ann Blyth; Kathyrn Crosby, and Phyllis Diller.

Dolores was born Dolores DeFina in Harlem on May 27, 1909, and grew up in the Bronx.

She and Bob married on Feb. 19, 1934. He died in 2003 at age 100.


* Miami commissioners might

delay the demolition of a waterfront expo center to accommodate the producers of the USA cable series "Burn Notice." Last year, commissioners approved a proposal that included plans to demolish the decaying center, but producers say the show might leave Miami if the facility, which houses its production headquarters, is turned into rubble. This announcement was nicely timed to coincide with the new season of "Burn Notice," on June 4.

* Hip-hop star Akon (aka

Aliaune Thiam) was set to speak yesterday with Poughkeepsie high-school students about gun violence after pleading guilty to tossing a fan off stage at a concert nearby. It's part of his community service.

Mayor John Tkazyik was to host the panel, which was closed to the public. Just to be safe, no stage might be a good idea.

* James Bond and Wolverine on

the Great White Way?

Not exactly.

But there's a strong possibility that Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman may be paired next fall on Broadway in "A Steady Rain," a two-character drama by Keith Huff, to be produced by Craig's Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that the Brit and the Aussie were set to star in the play about . . . two Chicago policemen.

* Rihanna's attorney, Donald

Etra, says she will attend a hearing next month as a possible witness in the assault case against Chris Brown. Etra says prosecutors have told him Rihanna will receive a subpoena to testify during a preliminary hearing in L.A. on June 22. He says she will comply with the order.

* reported last

week that Gisele Bundchen was pregnant. Yesterday after practice, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said she wasn't. Brady, who already has a son with Bridget Moynahan, said, "One is enough."

Oh, so paternal.

* Having trouble making those

credit-card payments during this economic downturn?

Courtney Love feels your pain. According to a lawsuit filed by American Express and reported by, Love has Amex Centurion, Gold and Platinum cards and owes money on all three of them. Total: $352,659.67.

Membership has its privileges only up to a point.

Love's lawyer responded to TMZ with a statement: "AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx's law policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client's card."

So who was it that rang up a bill of $279,079.68 on Courtney's Centurion card?

Come forward and tell us how you bought so much stuff without any merchant ever calling the card in.

This is exactly why Tattle likes to keep our credit-card limits below $250K.

* Tom Sizemore was arrested

by L.A. police yesterday on a warrant issued on a drug case in central California.

Jail records show he has been released.

Not to worry, he'll be back.

* World Entertainment News Network reported there was a fair amount of consternation at the grand opening of the Mardan Palace ultra-luxury resort in Turkey last week, when celebrity spokeswoman/ribbon-cutter Sharon Stone botched the name of neighboring Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan?" Stone asked. "What is that? I can't pronounce this! Chaka Khan! Chaka Khan!"

So Stone is more likely to end up as head of the Rufus fan club than secretary of state. The astonishment should be that the "Basic Instinct" actress was paid $1.5 million to emcee at the launch. Mariah Carey, Tom Jones and Paris Hilton were all paid similar sums to show their faces and mingle.

Seriously, if you were opening the most luxurious hotel in Europe, are these celebs such a draw? Are they the folks who now symbolize wealth, elegance and luxury? That said, the P(a)lace does look spectacular. Too bad no person who doesn't make $1.5 million a day can afford to stay there. *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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