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Tattle: Kendra and Hank welcoming a little Baskett

A FORMER Playboy playmate went into labor last night and this has nothing to do with Tiger Woods. By the time you read this, Kendra Wilkinson may already have given birth to a boy at an Indianapolis-area hospital, according to E! News.



playmate went into labor last night and this has nothing to do with

Tiger Woods


By the time you read this, Kendra Wilkinson may already have given birth to a boy at an Indianapolis-area hospital, according to E! News.

It would be her first child with her husband, ex-Eagle Hank Baskett. E! reported the baby would be named Hank Baskett IV.

Gosh, we hope it's a boy.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

U.S. Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif, is dropping his effort to honor Tiger Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.

You would figure that if anyone could relate to a sex scandal, it would be a congressman.

Baca proposed legislation in March that called for the golfer to be recognized for promoting good sportsmanship and breaking down barriers in the sport.

Baca said in a statement that "in light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family," he won't pursue the legislation this session.

* Jillian Michaels, Tattle's fave fit-

ness coach (after the People Paper's Kimberly Garrison and our Pilates trainer), told Life & Style at the "Biggest Loser" finale that Tiger was a big loser.

"He put the moves on a very good friend of mine," Jillian said. "I knew he was an ass---- ages ago, I did. Sorry. I didn't need to watch the news to find that out."

* Life & Style also reports the possi-

bility of a Tiger sex tape but that could merely be wishful thinking. (Note: "Tiger Woods on Swinging" is not a sex tape.)

An anonymous insider told Life & Style that Tiger "was taking Ambien and drinking" and that after sex, "he definitely went to sleep with these girls. He must be freaking out about what else could be out there."

If one of Tiger's pussycats does have footage of Tiger taking out the big stick, she'll certainly be able to stop slinging drinks.

"A Tiger sex tape could be worth $5 million, possibly as high as $10 million," Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch told Life & Style.

* Gatorade is discontinuing its Tiger

Woods drink but says it made the decision before Tiger's scandal broke.

It was not because folks were now purposefully mispronouncing the drink, Tiger Focus.

It was not because Gatorade didn't want to have to change its slogan: "Is it in you?"

It was also not because Tiger's Gatorade was replenishing the wrong fluids.

Meanwhile, there have been no prime-time spots featuring Tiger since Nov. 29, according to data from Nielsen Co., which tracks just about everything.

The research firm said the last prime-time ad to appear featuring Tiger was an ad for Gillette.

Their slogan: "The best a man can get."

* According to numerous Internet

sources, the latest Tiger mistress to come up for air is kinky porn star Joslyn James (aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels).

She may hold a news conference one of these days.

* According to "Extra," Donald

Trump doesn't think Tiger's sex scandal will hurt his image.

"Tiger's a great athlete . . . one of the greatest athletes in the world," Trump told "Extra."

"He's had a very interesting and traumatic couple of weeks [but] he's a wonderful guy."

That's right, a "wonderful" guy - the kind of guy Nellie sings about in "South Pacific."

Granted, this is the assessement of "The Donald," who was accused of cheating on wife Ivana with next-wife Marla Maples, but it's that type of boy's club-enabling that allows such behavior to go unchecked.

Gee, Donald, how "wonderful" a guy would your new son-in-law be if he stepped out on Ivanka with a half- dozen cocktail waitresses and a couple of porn stars?

Trump continued, "Tiger is going to be hotter than ever before - mark my words."

Trump admits Tiger's playing around after playing a round "may affect his endorsements a little bit," but thinks everything will blow over.

"It's a little bit like Kobe," Trump said of the married Lakers star accused of rape before charges were dismissed.

"No one remembers the Kobe incident," said Trump, doing his best to remind people.

"Kobe went out and won a championship. He's a spectacular guy and a spectacular player."

OK, we'll concede Kobe is a "spectacular player." But a "spectacular guy"?

"I think what's important for Tiger right now [is to] get back on the course and start winning tournaments, and he'll do that. He's just the best golfer," Trump said.

"He's a really talented person, and he's a really good person."

Not just a good person, a "really good person."

In the world of Donald Trump, banging cocktail waitresses while your wife is pregnant back home must be what the "really good" people do.

* So what would Mistress No. 2

Jaimee Grubbs say to Tiger now?

"I would tell him that no part of our relationship was fake and I cared for him," she told "Extra."

"It would hurt the way he made me feel [because] he was doing that with other women and I am sorry that everything is coming out and happening the way it did, but I needed to get everything off my chest."

That's why you and Tiger got along, Jaimee.

He also needed to get everything off your chest.

Oh, wait, something in your relationship was fake.


* Palestinian shopkeeper Ayman

Abu Aita, portrayed as a terrorist in the movie "Bruno," is suing star Sacha Baron Cohen, David Letterman and others for libel and slander.

He wants $110 million.

* So Meredith Baxter comes out as

lesbian and shortly thereafter her youngest "Family Ties" son is arrested in Boulder, Colo., for hitting a friend with a broken wooden stool.

Brian Bonsall is being held in lieu of $7,500 bail.

These big announcements are always toughest on the families.

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.