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Tiger Woods


Our favorite Allentown actress, Amanda Seyfried ("Mamma Mia" and the upcoming "Dear John" and "Chloe"), will be leaving the HBO series "Big Love" to become a full-time movie star.

"She's been exploring her movie career for a couple of years now, and we've been giving her a lot of room to do that," "Big Love" creator Will Scheffer told TV Guide. "I know having a commitment to a show for six months definitely cuts into her ability to pursue that career."

Before she leaves, however, Amanda's character, Sarah, will get married.

Just once.

* Another person heading for

the exits is Nancy O'Dell, who's saying goodbye to Hollywood, "Access Hollywood."

O'Dell said yesterday she will wrap up her 13-year run on the NBC show this week.

Gee, not much notice.

Her publicist, Annie Jeeves, says Nancy is pursuing a new opportunity, but she will still host NBC's coverage of the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year's Day.

* Guy Ritchie (the ex-Mr. Ma-

donna) may be about to have his biggest movie hit with the Christmas release of "Sherlock Holmes," but he's having trouble in west London due to his celebrity-friendly pub.

Residents complain that the Punch Bowl in London's Mayfair neighborhood attracts large crowds of noisy customers who spill out into the street and often leave behind broken glass and trash.

Uh, yeah. When pubs don't attract noisy crowds, they go out of business.

* Ashanti's mother, Tina

Douglas, told a Manhattan jury yesterday that crazed fan Devar Hurd terrorized her daughter with a series of profane and threatening voice mails and text messages.

Doughlas said some of the messages described how he wanted to have sex with Ashanti.

Hurd, a gym worker from Indiana, was arrested earlier this year on charges of stalking and harassment. His lawyer said he meant no harm.

Well then, he sure needs work on his pickup lines.

* Oprah has dipped into the

pocket where she keeps her small bills and donated $1.5 million to a private middle school in Atlanta.

The Ron Clark Academy announced the donation yesterday. The innovative school, with a $2.8 million operating budget, has struggled to raise money this year amid the sagging economy.

Fortunately, nothing is allowed to sag around Oprah.

The school in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods is hoping to expand its campus by building a cafeteria, a gymnasium and a theater.

Winfrey, who has had school founder Ron Clark on her show twice, donated $365,000 to the school last December. Clark wrote the best-selling teaching book "The Essential 55."

* reports that

Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has confirmed that he's left the band again.

This is the second time Frusciante has left the Peppers in a pickle. He first split in May 1992, during a Japanese tour, and returned in 1998, following rehabilitation for heroin addiction.

* Michael Moore is threaten-

ing to organize a boycott of Connecticut in response to Sen. Joseph Lieberman's opposition to key parts of federal health-care legislation.

A liberal boycott of Connecticut?

Greenwich says thank you.

* A rep for Melanie Griffith

says the actress has had surgery to remove early stages of skin cancer from her face.

Spokeswoman Robin Baum said yesterday the procedure was done early enough to prevent further complications.

Griffith, 52, was left with a black eye after the surgery.

In 2010 she is set to appear on an episode of "Nip/Tuck."

* When Tattle read the words

"Zappa bust" in a headline, we thought, "Oh, no, Dweezil, what have you done?"


Baltimore officials finally decided where to put a bust of Frank Zappa that was given to the city by his fans in Lithuania.

The eccentric musician's statue will be erected outside a public library in working-class Highlandtown, a neighborhood known for its Greek restaurants.

Don't rush to see it. Officials don't know yet when it will be installed.

* Busy Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said yesterday that an unidentified cyclist ran into Anne Hathaway's car on Wednesday as the car made a right turn.

Hathaway was a passenger in her Audi, being driven by her boyfriend, Adam Shulman.

Whitmore says investigators determined the bike rider was a paparazzo because he had a long lens.

Maybe he was just excited to see her.

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.