George Clooney

is looking to become "the anti-genocide paparazzi" by helping to fund the Satellite Sentinel Project. Starting today, Clooney and Co. will rent out satellites to monitor potential violence in Sudan, anticipated because of a January referendum on independence.

The project's initial funding came from Not On Our Watch, a human-rights organization that Clooney founded with Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, lawyer and Clooney BFF David Pressman and film exec Jerry Weintraub.

"We want them to enjoy the level of celebrity attention that I usually get," Clooney told Time magazine about those contemplating a violent reaction to the January vote. "If you know your actions are going to be covered, you tend to behave much differently than when you operate in a vacuum."

This news should come as a shock to Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and pretty much every other bold-faced name that ends up in this column.

The images gathered from the satellites will be streamed at

Google, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the United Nations are also involved in the funding, but their employees are presumably not as attractive as Clooney, Cheadle, Pitt, et al., so Lady Tattle doesn't care as much about them.

Love Bites

Christmas time is apparently not a good time to be in a B-list celeb relationship.

_ "Girls Gone Wild" scum-trepeneur, Joe Francis, has reportedly split from his wife, Christina McLarty. The pair stayed married a whopping two months, after getting hitched in a civil ceremony in Mexico.

Francis' rep denies that he's left the 37-year-old CBS reporter. But is sticking with its source, claiming that Francis openly discussed their separation at Bruce and Kris Jenner's Christmas party.

_ Kelly Osbourne also cut loose a potential babydaddy when she found that boyfriend, Luke Worrall, had been stepping out behind her back with other ladies and men.

The two ended their engagement during the summer but tried to reconcile this holiday season. That is, until the normally quaint and quiet one found out that Worrall was cheating. Osbourne let it all hang out on Twitter, telling her man, "Darling ur pretty face will only get you so far because u don't have the brains to back it up."

_ On the considerably quieter front, news hit that pop goddess Rihanna split with her BF, L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. A source told Us Magazine that RiRi "basically was just over it."

The two began dating in January.


* While filling in for Sean Hannity on Tuesday, bow-tied conservative TV pundit Tucker Carlson, while discussing President Obama's defense of Michael Vick, said that the Eagles quarterback "should have been executed."

Geez, Tuck, tell us how you really feel next time.

* Well, you gotta figure he was already on the naughty list . . .

Charlie Sheen opted out of spending time with the family this Christmas to party, according to

Sheen was invited to separate gatherings with his bro Emilio Estevez, his ex-wife (and mother of daughters Sam and Lola) Denise Richards and his eldest daughter, Cassandra.

But Radar's source says that he decided to spend the holidays partying instead.

* Patricia Day, of the Danish rockabilly band the HorrorPops, is suing Mattel for using her visage without compensation in a rock 'n' roll-themed Barbie.

Other celebs in the line - Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper - were all given credit (and cash) for their dolls, while the one that looks like Day is simply called "Hard Rock Café Barbie Doll."

The Barbie is dolled up in a pink bustier halter top and a black pencil skirt with a '50s pinup hairstyle, complete with tattoos.

Sure, that could be anyone (Bettie Page Barbie?), but the kicker is the accessory: a stand-up bass, complete with tattoo-like decals, just like the one Day uses.

Day, the suit says, is also aggrieved because her feminist views are antithetical to being made into a doll and subjected to "the erotic male gaze."

* Ashton Kutcher's hobbies include: gallivanting with wifey Demi Moore, cultivating a career as a producer and actor (his next flick is rom-com "No Strings Attached" co-starring with-child Natalie Portman) and . . . preparing for the end of days.

Kutcher is apparently convinced that the end is nigh, or at least that he should be ready if and when we lose the comforts of modern technology. Kutcher told Men's Fitness mag: "It will not take much for people to hit the panic button. . . . You start taking out electricity and satellites, and people are going to lose their noodle."

So now Kutcher practices Israeli fighting tactic Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Bikram yoga.

Kutcher said that he got a preview of the apocalypse when he and his family lost power in their mountain cabin for 14 hours. "I got my guns out. We made a fire. We went to the grocery store. . . . People were rolling in and out, clearing out all the shelves. . . . It was like a preview."

Look for Kutcher's upcoming duet with the crazy homeless guy on your block.

* A wax figure of the dearly departed Patrick Swayze was recently auctioned off for an undisclosed sum.

The statue, by Logan Fleming, was based on Swayze's visage from the 1989 classic "Road House," in which Swayze played an NYU-educated bar bouncer with a degree in philosophy.

No word yet if the statue comes with throat-ripping capabilities.

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.