TRAFFIC reporter Kacie McDonnell can add another title to her Fox 29 CV: Official Royal Stalker.

When Prince Harry hits the Shore tomorrow, McDonnell will be ready to meet her Prince Charming, even taking etiquette lessons on "Good Day Philadelphia" just in case she comes into contact with Harry in segments they're calling "When Harry Meets Kacie."

Although Harry's brother, Prince William, is generally thought of as the heartthrob of the two, McDonnell goes against the grain. "I was Team Harry forever and always," McDonnell said. So is it Harry's bad-boy rep that gets her going? "It's the alter-ego thing," McDonnell told me. "He's a bad boy but he's the prince of the universe."

Bad boy or not, McDonnell plans to class it up for royalty, hence the classes. "I've think I've learned to do less when it comes to curtsying," McDonnell said about her etiquette lessons. "I learned that I can't touch him because I would go up and high-five and pound him or something. But I think he would high-five. I think Prince Harry's cool. Hopefully, I can test out my theory."

McDonnell, an Avalon girl, said that if she did get to take Prince Harry out downashore, she would first take him to the A.C. casinos and then take him back to Avalon for a drink at the Princeton or The Whitebrier.

McDonnell's even got the accessories she needs for potential princessdom. "When I was a sophomore in high school, I asked for a crown for Christmas," McDonnell said. "Crown jewels, check. All I need is my prince."

McDonnell's not the only "Good Day"-er down the Shore this summer. Starting Friday, the morning show will start a series called "Comeback Down the Shore," including features on local businesses and live forecasts from Sue Serio and Scott Williams.

'Hung' star off-Broadway

Bristol's own Charlie Saxton, who starred as man-hooker Thomas Jane's son in HBO's now-defunct "Hung," is starring off-Broadway in the Labyrinth Theater Company's "A Family For All Occasions."

Saxton's working with a heavy-hitting cast and crew, including Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who is sitting in the director's chair for the world premiere play, and Jeffrey DeMunn, whom you may remember better as the dearly-departed Dale on "The Walking Dead."

DeMunn plays Saxton's pops, Howard, who, despite his impending retirement, is stuck dealing with his reclusive son (Saxton), his promiscuous daughter (Justine Lupe, "Harry's Law") and an overextended wife (Deidre O'Connell).

The show officially opened at the Bank Street Theater yesterday.

Wilson leaves NBC 10

NBC 10 anchor and reporter Lori Wilson is leaving for her home state of Indiana, where she'll anchor CBS-affiliated WISH-TV's "24-Hour News 8 at 5PM." She'll also report for its 11 p.m. newscast. WISH serves central Indiana, including Indianapolis.

Wilson has been with NBC 10 since 2005, when she joined as a general-assignment reporter. She also spent four years co-hosting "The 10! Show."

"It's bittersweet, because I love Philadelphia and, definitely, this is my home. But it'll be nice to be close to my parents, especially at this stage in their lives," Wilson told me. So what will she miss most about Philly? "I love my church; my guy is here. Those things will be hard adjustments. It's just the people. When you move around a lot, cities are cities, but the people of Philadelphia have been so kind to embrace me."

Wilson is originally from Columbus, Ind., and received her B.A. from Indiana University.

There's been a lot of movement at NBC 10 as of late. The station just hired George Spencer and La Salle grad (and South Jersey boy) Matt DeLucia as reporters.

Wilson said that she'll definitely be back in Philly. "It's not goodbye, it's 'I'll see you later,' " Wilson said.

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