THE AMANDA BYNES saga gets more and more bizarre, as if Lindsay Lohan being in rehab has left a void in the actress-out-of-control section of the newspaper that Amanda feels obligated to fill.

(Tattle note: We interviewed Amanda a number of times back in her "She's the One," "Hairspray" days and found her to be one of the most together young actresses we'd ever met. We were sure that by the time she turned 30 she would be running a studio. So what the heck happened?)

New York Internal Affairs officers on Saturday were looking into allegations made by Amanda that NYPD officers sexually assaulted her when she was charged with heaving a bong out the window of her 36th-floor NYC apartment.

Amanda first alleged during her arraignment on Friday that police illegally entered her midtown apartment. But in a Twitter message believed to be from the troubled actress posted Saturday, Amanda alleged that her arresting officer also sexually assaulted her.

Hey, in another tweet she said that Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she wasn't pretty enough.

Then she later said that that one wasn't from her.

"As it would with any such allegation, regardless of its credibility, IAB is investigating it," said the NYPD's chief spokesman, Paul Browne.

In court Friday, Amanda made no mention of the sexual-assault allegations, though she did complain of illegal entry to her apartment. She's been charged with reckless endangerment, attempted tampering with evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana.

According to the Associated Press, the building manager was with officers at Amanda's apartment when they arrived Thursday night. The official said officers were kept waiting approximately five minutes before she opened the door to them. A police official said the building manager told Internal Affairs investigators nothing untoward happened.

Yesterday, Amanda celebrated Memorial Day by tweeting up a storm. Thankfully, has a staffer (probably an intern) whose sole job is to monitor Amanda's feed. Assuming this came from her, she wrote:

"I am allergic to marijuana and alcohol, but I smoke tobacco. Why does Rihanna smoke weed and not get in trouble for it but I smoke tobacco and people think I'm on drugs? I refuse to be treated like someone I'm not, which is why I fought for myself and am suing everyone involved. I don't need to go to rehab. There is never a drug or alcohol in my system! I'm sick of all the lies! What would you do if someone accused you of things you didn't do and yet you still had to be in jail at all over it! I'm so offended but I am so educated that I know cops cannot illegally enter my apartment, sexually harass me, arrest me, take me to a MENTAL HOSPITAL, then lock me up for a crime I didn't commit. I'm suing them all for this upsetting nightmare. My lawyer knows I'm a model citizen who doesn't partake in drugs. He's going to court this week to set the record straight again on my behalf. Thankfully I'm an educated multimillionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer."


Is it possible this is Joaquin Phoenix-level performance art?

* reports that 23-year-old Han Cong Zao has been arrested for allegedly harassing and stalking Jennifer Lawrence's brother . . . with the goal of getting close to JLaw.

He does realize she can put an arrow through his head, doesn't he?

Zao claimed he needed to protect Jennifer and he was her "husband for life," according to the New York Daily News.

When Zao was arrested and interviewed by Kentucky police, he claimed to be the second coming of Jesus.


* London's Daily Mail says that Scarlett Johansson is rumored to be the front-runner to play Hillary Clinton in the upcoming biopic "Rodham," about her early days as a lawyer in Washington. Also contending for the role are Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon.

If those are the women in the hunt to play young Hillary, marriage to Bill really took its toll.

Paul McCartney made his first visit to Graceland and, according to his Twitter feed, dropped a personal guitar pick on Elvis Presley's grave and said it was "so Elvis can play in heaven."

(You would think that in heaven, Elvis would have his pick of guitar picks.)

Sir Paul was in Memphis to play a show on the North American leg of his "Out There" tour.

* Less than two weeks after Angelina Jolie revealed she'd had a double mastectomy, her aunt Debbie Martin died from breast cancer.

Martin was the younger sister of Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, whose own death from ovarian cancer in 2007 inspired the surgery that Angelina described in a May 14 op-ed in the New York Times.

According to her husband, Debbie Martin had the same defective BRCA1 gene that Angelina does, but didn't know it until after her 2004 cancer diagnosis.

"Had we known, we certainly would have done exactly what Angelina did," Ron Martin said in a phone interview.

Roman Polanski says the birth-control pill has had a "masculinizing" effect on women and said the pill has "changed the place of women in our times."

Polanski said the leveling of the sexes is "idiotic" and lamented that "offering flowers to a lady" has become "indecent."

The director of the upcoming "Venus in Fur" made his comments at the Cannes Film Festival. As most of you probably know, in 1977, Polanski was arrested for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful sex with a minor, fled the country before sentencing and has not been back to the U.S. since.

On the indecency scale, we'll take "offering flowers to a lady."

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