MANY A Philadelphia Justin Bieber fan was disappointed to learn that the badly behaved teen-pop sensation did not stay in town before his concert last night at the Wells Fargo Center.

From what I hear, the Biebs was supposed to stay at the Four Seasons, but canceled his block of 18 rooms, including the super swanky Presidential Suite, at the very last minute. All this occurring after the good folks at the Four Seasons bent over backward for Bieber, moving around reservations to accommodate the singer and his entourage and making sure he had everything he requested.

Why the cancellation? Concerns over "paparazzi" is what I heard.

A rep from the Four Seasons said the hotel's policy is not to comment on guests.

On Monday night, Bieber Instagrammed pictures of himself water skiing on a picturesque lake in Connecticut, so maybe the Biebs just needed some downtime.

* Bieber wasn't the only pop star in town yesterday, although this one was considerably better behaved: Demi Lovato, BFF of Bieber's on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, did a special meet-and-greet with 70 fans at the Hotel Monaco before her Q102-sponsored Penn's Landing show.

Getting Rowdy

Legendary professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper is psyched to be in town to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his most famous starring role, in John Carpenter's "They Live."

"Philadelphia was always a great place to wrestle. The Philly fans are there for you. If you don't fight hard enough, they'll fight with you. I had as many fights going to the ring as in the ring," Piper said. He added later, "There were a couple bars I liked there. I wonder if they burned down?"

Piper will be at the Trocadero on Sunday at 8 p.m. for a screening and Q&A presented by the Awesome Fest. " knows the movie. It's the Q&A that gets spicy. 'How far did you and Meg Foster] go?' Uh, I drove her home one night."

"They Live" features Piper as a drifter who discovers that Los Angeles' upper class is actually a race of evil aliens only he can see through the use of special sunglasses.

"It's coming truer and truer everyday," Piper said about the film's relevance. "The government has the right to tap your line without having to go through bureaucracy. They want to take the guns the away. I was flying in the airplane and they said no-cash airline. That's where the world is heading, no cash, all credit."

* In other movie news, "Let the Fire Burn," a documentary about the 1985 MOVE bombing directed by Jason Osder, has received theatrical distribution from Zeitgeist Films.

* The AIDS Law Project of Philadelphia will host its 14th annual summer movie party tomorrow at the William Way Community Center (1315 Spruce St.) at 7:30 p.m. Secret Cinema will screen films with the likes of Laurel & Hardy, Lupe Velez and Mickey Mouse. Go to to purchase tickets.

Peters settles

Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters won a $2 million lawsuit against the makers of the Roll-A-Bout alternative-crutches device. Peters was using the walker when it broke, causing him to reinjure a ruptured Achilles tendon and miss the entire 2012-13 season. Roll-A-Bout has since gone out of business.

In another matter, Peters paid a $656.50 fine after drag-racing charges were reduced to driving with improper equipment and resisting an officer by flight. He avoided last Monday's arraignment by paying the fine, and the Monroe, La., District Attorney's Office said the case was now closed. He was charged last month in Louisiana.

"We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved," the Eagles said in a statement.

News notes

* 6ABC's Rick Williams will star in the Dick Van Dyke role of Albert Peterson in the Moorestown Theater's production of "Bye Bye Birdie." A local N.J. politician (it's a secret!) will fill the role of the mayor of Sweet Apple, Ohio. The show runs July 18 to July 27. Go to for more information.

* I hear that former Fox 29 reporter Sean Tobin has been dating Affairs to be Remembered event planner Marie Williamson for some time now. Good luck, you crazy kids!

Garces does good

Celebrity chef Jose Garces and his wife, Dr. Beatriz Mirabal Garces, will host their quarterly dental and medical screening for uninsured and underserved immigrants from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Garces Dental Group (212 Race St.).


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