Bello says she is a 'whatever'!

This'll surprise some and daunt others. ICYMI, in a Nov. 29 New York Times piece, the lovely and talented Maria Bello (Prisoners) revealed she is in a lady-lady union with longtime friend, media exec Clare Munn. Heck, who cares, right? In 2013? Well, right or wrong, a lot of people do. Which is why a movie star says all this via the Times, right? The pivot was a direct question from Bello's son, Jackson, 12, a year after she and Clare had begun. So she told him. (Jackson's dad is TV exec Dan McDermott, still deeply involved with his son's life.) Bello describes an epiphany in her garden, reflecting on her friendships, when her true feelings for Munn hit her. When Jackson heard, he was matter-of-fact: "Mom, love is love, whatever you are." Exactly, people! Bello writes she wants to be considered "a 'whatever,' " who loves whom she loves. Nice.

Walker mourned after crash

Mourning continues for Paul Walker, 40, who played cop Brian O'Connor in the Fast and Furious franchise. He was riding in a Porsche Carrera, believed to have been driven by his friend Roger Rodas, when the car crashed and burst into flames in Valencia, Calif. (As of this writing, the identity of Rodas has not been confirmed.) Some disputed reports say the Porsche may have been drag racing. An investigation is under way. Filming of Fast and Furious 7 was canceled Monday, as producers mulled whether/how to continue the series.

Goodbye, Sam!

Sam Champion, weather anchor for ABC's Good Morning America, is leaving the show to become the anchor for the Weather Channel's new morning show. Wednesday is his goodbye day at GMA. ABC already has announced his replacement: Ginger Zee, his backup, who is so stunning we doubt many people will much regard her weather maps.

Kardashian Kristmas Kard?

OK, we've seen it, we know what it is, and we . . . are simply relaying it to you, our eager reader. Each year the Kardashian Klan sends out a holiday card. Each year, they out-outrageous themselves. This year, they got the wild and crazy celeb photog David LaChapelle to do it. Nuts is the best descriptor. All the girls are there, but not Kim K's baby daddy, Kanye West (on tour), or baby North, not Khloé K's hub, Lamar Odom (trying hard to be her ex), not Rob Jenner (said he had weight issues) (no, really), not Scott Disick (we dunno) . . . but Bruce Jenner, said to be on the outs with wife Kris, is in the pic, in some kind of glass tube and wearing a tux. Kris, true central genius of this joint, is in some crypto-Egyptian headdress, and . . . and . . . go find it and look at it. They've devoted their Christmas special to it. It takes a whole episode just to look at it. Because crazy.

Because small

The flick of 50 Shades of Grey has started filming, with leads Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. . . . Stephen Barker Liles (of country act Love and Theft) and fiancée Jenna Kennedy have welcomed baby Jeff. . . . What is this Huge Eyebrow Fad? Is everybody Frida Kahlo now? Sheesh! . . . Bing, the search engine, not the singer, has released its Top Searched Celebrities of 2013! It's 80 percent ladies! They are: (1) Beyoncé; (2) Kim Kardashian; (3) Rihanna; (4) Taylor Swift; (5) Madonna; (6) Justin Bieber; (7) Nicki Minaj; (8) Amanda Bynes; (9) Miley Cyrus; and (10) Barack Obama.