Wonder Woman, wonder why

She's a gal in a guy's joint - Wonder Woman, that is, one of the few solo ladies in the superperson genre. For Batman vs. Superman, Zak Snyder's sequel to Man of Steel, they needed her, so they cast former Miss Israel Gal Gadot, best known as Gisele in the Fast and Furious flicks. Fascinating choice. Whereas TV's great WW, Lynda Carter, was a Popeye-armed widebody, the gorgeous Gal is slender and flexy. Henry Cavill will be Superman and Ben Affleck Batman. We're upset they're versus each other, but OK. . . .

Here's the problem. Wonder Woman's never had her own movie!! What is this??? Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man get blockbuster series - heck, even Ant Man's going to have a 2015 flick - but Wonder Woman, nay! Why? We refuse to move from this column until someone explains. 

Bob Barker, Wonder Man

Bob Barker, we love you. Not only are you the king of all game-show hosts, nobody even comes close (and still getting royalties for The Price Is Right, for which you love current host Drew Carey). But also you beat up Adam Sandler very hilariously in Happy Gilmore, iconic silliness that made the cosmos joyful. On Thursday, you will turn 90. You spoke to TMZ about it and were very funny, observing, correctly, that "it takes a long time to become 90 years old." Your longtime show will air a special Bob birthday bash Thursday (taped Nov. 5), and is honoring you by hosting pet adoptions (a Barker passion) all next week. (The Pooch is Right?) When TMZ asked if you could still destroy Sandler mano a mano, you said, "Adam would be no problem . . . Adam couldn't whip Regis Philbin." Oh, snap!!! You are so the man! . . .

Mila and Ashton: Wonder if!

See, we don't want Ashton Kutcher and the staggeringly lovely Mila Kunis to marry. We want Mila for ourselves with none left over. For a long time, though, there've been rumors. These two, old buds since That '70s Show, have been dating forever (spring 2012). Now In Touch Weekly says he asked her this summer. But they had (says ITW) to keep mum until after his divorce from Demi Moore was done (which it was last week). So . . . what now?

Justin Bieber, urban artiste

OK, so, the Biebs stayed at this place in Brisbane, Australia, the QT Gold Coast hotel. While there, he spraypainted big, scary monsters on expanses of exterior concrete wall at the place. As art, even as graffiti, it's très sucky. (Stick to your night job, Justin.) But the QT loves it! They say it's a "coup" to have it. They hope guests and tourists will come see. They call it "a wonderful addition to the colourful Gold Coast arts scene," which makes that scene sound scarily horrible. Meantime, the city's mayor, Tom Tate, hates it and wants the hotel to expunge the precious paintings. And they are telling him, "No, yerroner." They're even going to preserve it. All that he touches . . ..

And another thing . . . or three

   Katherine Jackson, materfamilias of the Jackson clan, including departed son Michael, has hired lawyers to appeal October's ruling in her case against AEG, the outfit organizing MJ's tour at the time of his death. . . . A Library of Congress study released Wednesday says that, much as with the plays of William Shakespeare's day, 70 percent of the world's silent movies (1912-1929) are lost. A terrible loss. . . . Heidi Montag says she'll never let her daughter have plastic surgery. (Pause for helpless giggles. . . . )