Coachella, the fashion monster!

That there Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., has gotten outer-of-hand faster than you can spell Coachella, which we can't. It's like Woodstock for millionaires. It's now a place for celebs to be seen, and they've turned it into a whacked-out fashion launching pad, outhippie-ing the hippies and outcooling the coolers. We know, we know, Beyoncé. But also Kendall and Kylie Jenner, all in black, goth and goony. They and Selena Gomez have started this wildfire fad of bindis - fey 21st-century forehead jewelry. Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanessa Hudgens, and bf Austin Butler sport tribal face-scarves that make them look like banshee robbers. Jared Leto bops round in faux white-tiger pants. There was music there, too.

Chanteuse shows at shower

Hey, prop-a-lops to Taylor Swift! Wyomissing's own songbird keeps doing what others would never even think of. Like go on a mondo trip to be at a fan's bridal shower. To Columbus, Ohio, yo! Who does that? The fan, Gena Gabrielle, invited T-Swift to her wedding and shower; Taylor couldn't make the former but did show up at the latter. Her gift: a KitchenAid mixer. She even brought cookies she baked her own luscious self. Gena live-tweeted it all. Pics of the event, and the mixer, are at Gena's Instagram site, @genagabrielle.

It was an eventful weekend for Tay-Tay. On Saturday, she hung out at NBC studios for Saturday Night Live because her pal, Ed Sheeran, was singing a few numbers, including "Don't," reportedly about singer Ellie Goulding. Her Tayness was onstage till the end, then she hejira'd to wild Ohio for her bud Gena. That's mighty decent.

LiLo's life coach calls it quits

What sets Lindsay Lohan's story apart from myriad other celebrity-rehab tales is the sense it's very much, maybe too much, for real. On Lindsay, her reality-TV bio-show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN channel, LiLo has been working with life coach A.J. Johnson - not to be confused with sobriety coach Michael Cormier, whom she canned a month ago. On a recent episode, A.J. confronts Lindsay on signs the latter has, well, flopped off the sloppy wagon. Lindsay slags her off and refuses to see her. A.J. now has decided to take a rest from her client, although both sides say she'll probably return. It can't help that Lindsay is at Coachella right now, which will, to put it kindly, be cruelly tempting.