A-lister engagement orgy!

We speak of the engagement party on Sunday for professional bachelor George Clooney and his splendiferous genius-goddess intended, Amal Alamuddin. They went over to this Malibu place, Cafe Habana, already packed with folks celebrating Mother's Day. Among the small guest party were Cindy Crawford, cafe owner Rande Gerber, and Bono and the Edge of Irish rockmeisters U2. A Source gave People mag the incredibly essential information that the fiances were "all over each other" during the proceedings. Amal evidently was wearing her 7-carat diamond engagement ring, and was still able to raise her arm ! Some accounts say the guests did karaoke!

Casey Kasem is missing!

We had to rub our eyes when we read that headline, but it's evidently the case. An L.A. judge ordered an investigation into the whereabouts of radio DJ Casey Kasem (American Top 40). He is 82, has advanced Parkinson's, and has been shuttled from facility to facility by wife Jean. He is also the focus of a tug-of-war between Jean and his children by former wife Linda. One of those children,  Kerri, was made temp caretaker of Casey Monday after Jean's lawyer said he had "no idea" where Kasem was, yet knew he was out of the country (wha . . . ?). Kerri's lawyer told the judge they feared he'd been spirited off to an Indian reservation in Washington state (whaaaa . . . ???). It's sad and stupid.

Elevator ultimate fighting!

Jay Z attended the glitzy Met Gala May 5 with spouse Beyoncé and Bey's sister Solange Knowles. Afterward, the three got on an elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC - and, as a surveillance camera faithfully recorded, Solange started pounding on Jay Z with fists, handbag, everything but the Bodyguard next to her. Jay Z did not attempt to defend himself or hit back, and Bey did not get involved (smart woman). No word on the cause of the brouhaha. However, Bey did leave the hotel with her sister, not with her husband. The hotel's management is really mad that the vid got leaked. Hmm, and again hmmm.

'View' cohost separation

Lamar Sally, who wed Sherri Shepherd of The View back in 2011, has filed for legal separation - and custody of the couple's as-yet-unborn child (already named Lamar Sally Jr.) by surrogate. The filing took place back on May 2, yet it was apparently unknown even to Sherri's cohosts and producers on the show. She has had no further comment.