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Sex talk: Bruce Jenner puts his change on hold

Also in Tattle: Sony’s Vue, Kelly Clarkson tops chart, “Sharknado 3” and Tori Spelling

IS BRUCE JENNER having second thoughts?

Has he decided to hold on to his manhood a little longer, or is this latest maneuver just a publicity stunt to yank our chain?

"Access Hollywood" reports that Bruce has halted production - assuming there was a production to be halted - on the reality-TV series set to document him becoming a woman.

Gosh, it's a shame "New Girl" was taken. reported that the former gold-medal decathlete told producers that he felt rushed, and that he was "compromising his family."

Jenner, 65, who was recently involved in a car accident that killed a woman, told TMZ that he wants his three sons "in a good place" regarding his impending womanhood.

Could you imagine a remake of "My Three Sons" with Bruce Jenner in the Fred MacMurray role?

OMG! That's network gold.

Tech Takiff on the Vue

Daily News tech writer Jonathan Takiff reports that Sony will be launching its PlayStation Vue TV service within two weeks in Philadelphia (aren't we flattered?), Chicago and New York, according to company exec Andrew House. Like those newly announced HBO Now and Sling TV streaming television deals, Vue will be Internet-delivered, letting you watch TV shows and movies without a cable or satellite TV subscription, received through alternate devices like, um, Sony gaming systems.

One big diff from the other "over the top" alternatives (also lump in Hulu and Netflix), Vue's launch bundle of 75 channels will feel more complete - including live (not delayed) shows from local CBS and NBC channels, so you can catch the news at 6, and the prime-time shows where God (and network execs) intended.

Big bunches of programming from Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal (Comcast-owned), Scripps (HGTV, Food Network, etc.) and the most entertaining Viacom group (BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Palladia, Spike and VH1) also will be yours to Vue, cable cutters, for a monthly bill estimated to fall in the $60 or $70 range (but we're hoping less).

* In unrelated tech news, "selfie sticks" have now been banned at the Palace of Versailles, in France; Rome's Colosseum; the Smithsonian, in Washington, D.C.; the Albertina art museum, in Vienna; Britain's National Gallery; and soccer stadiums in Brazil.

No one likes a tourist who acts like a big stick.


Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece" became her third No. 1 album when it debuted on the weekly U.S. Billboard 200 album chart yesterday.

That's good news for Kelly.

Bad news for the music business is that "Piece" topped the charts with 97,000 units (83,000 albums), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's "1989" sold 77,000 units and it came out 19 weeks ago and has already sold well over 2 million.

When it comes to selling music these days, there's basically Taylor and everyone else.

On the plus side, longtime Tattle fave Brandi Carlile cracked the top 10 (43,000 units), finishing at No. 9 with "The Firewatcher's Daughter."

If you're curious how Billboard calculates sales these days, one album = one album, 10 songs sold = one album, and 1,500 songs streamed = one album.

* reports that Michele Bachmann will play a congresswoman - a role she couldn't master when she was a congresswoman - in the upcoming "Sharknado 3."

Sharks falling from the sky?

It's Obama's fault.

* Also regarding "Sharknado 3," reports that IATSE members in Washington walked off the job during the filming of the Syfy sequel.

Union leader Dan Mahoney was critical of producer Asylum.

"We will not forget how the Asylum treated their employees when they asked for the same union benefits and protections that were provided to the crew on 'Sharknado 2,' " Mahoney said. "It is employees working for anti-worker companies like the Asylum who need the enforceable working conditions and protections of a union agreement the most."

* According to Life & Style, Tori Spelling has gone to her mom, Candy, for help paying her monthly bills, even though she and husband Dean McDermott made a reported $2 million last year.

"They spend as if they were making double what they do!" said an anonymous family "friend."

L&S says that Tori and Dean have $60,000 in monthly bills.

Tattle doesn't have $60,000 in yearly bills.

Alas, we didn't make $2 million last year.

And if we had, you'd be reading Tattle by Lauren McCutcheon.

- Daily News wire services

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