Coop scoop

It's Bradley Cooper's millennium. We just live in it.

So says Details magazine in its 15th-anniversary issue next month on the "15 most influential cultural figures of the new millennium," of which Rydal's own leads the pack. (Others include Pharrell Williams, Judd Apatow and Alex Rodriguez.)

Four Oscar nods. A Tony nomination. The highest-grossing film of 2014.

You can see why Coop was chosen.

In an interview, the actor "looks back" at his successes and toward his future. He wants to direct, he says.

Of course he does.

App crap

Those who follow the comings and goings of the Kardashian-Jenner industrial complex likely have never heard of H.L. Mencken, but it's the lock of the week that way too many will prove the wisdom of the early-20th-century Baltimore Sun columnist who famously noted that "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

Kim Kardashian and her equally precious relatives have launched a series of apps and websites for which the gullible among us are expected to shell out hard-earned shekels.

Of course, there are probably some misguided souls who will happily pay $2.99 a month for what the news hounds at Huffington Post describe as "beauty tutorials, live streams, look breakdowns and behind-the-scenes photos from Kim's personal collection."

However, if you'd rather do something less worthwhile with your money (is that even possible?), some content is free, including Kim's breathless accounts of her pregnancy. (How much better is your life now that you know that, in August, her Kanye West-fertilized spawn-in-waiting was the size of a "small banana"?)

And, rest assured, the digital offerings from Khloe Kardashian and the Jenners, Kylie and Kendall, contain equally important and fascinating info guaranteed to make your life exponentially more wonderful.

Terrence takes eccentric to another level

FORGET THAT GUY on the beer commercials: Temporary Tattle nominates Terrence Howard as The Most Interesting Man in the World. No other conclusion can be drawn after reading the interview with Howard, who continues to claim Plymouth Meeting as his primary residence, posted on

So, how . . . ummmmm . . . interesting is the star of Fox's "Empire," which begins its much-anticipated sophomore season on Sept. 23? Well, let's start with this:

Howard has been devoting a large chunk of time (as much as 17 hours a day) to proving mathematically that 1 times 1 equals 2, not 1. And he is doing so with the help of plastic shapes he cuts out and fits together.

According to Rolling Stone, "A long time ago he'd gotten hold of this notion that one times one doesn't equal one, but two. He began writing down his logic, in a language of his own devising that he calls Terryology. He wrote forward and backward, with both his right and left hands, sometimes using symbols he made up that look foreign, if not alien, to keep his ideas secret until they could be patented."

There's so much more - including tales of how, as a 2-year-old, Howard watched his father stab a man to death while they were waiting in a line to see Santa Claus, and how he cured himself of Bell's palsy, but TempTatt doesn't want to give away too much of a good thing.

Trust us, the article is truly an embarrassment of riches!

Shaq shack lives

The Atlantic City-based Casino Reinvestment Development Authority voted yesterday to extend its deliberations over a $30 million loan requested by a group that includes former NBA powerhouse Shaquille O'Neal.

The authority, which disburses casino-tax revenue for construction and other projects, agreed to wait until Jan. 30 to decide whether it wants to go halfsies on The Beach at South Inlet, a $61 million apartment complex that would stand in the shadow of the now-shuttered Revel hotel-casino.

O'Neal and his partner, New Brunswick, N.J.-based real-estate hoohah Wasseem Boraie, want to build 250 units. According to a CRDA spokesman, 80 percent would be rented at "market price," with the remaining inventory going for to-be-determined "affordable" rates.

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