Anchor Gray Hall returned to 6ABC over the weekend after an on-air health scare that resulted in emergency brain surgery in October.

"I'm feeling great," Hall said on Saturday morning's newscast. "It's been a wild journey. I still have headaches from time to time. But overall, pretty good health."

That journey started Oct. 22, when Hall experienced "speech and demeanor" issues, as he wrote in a Facebook post, during a noon newscast. According to an Action News report, Hall's troubles began about an hour before showtime, when his vision began to blur. He reportedly became dizzy and disoriented but continued with the broadcast.

Afterward,  Hall was taken to a hospital, where doctors found a colloid cyst on his brain. Action News reports Hall had previously had the cyst diagnosed, but it had grown substantially since it was discovered. The enlarged cyst prevented fluid from draining, causing a buildup of pressure that was shutting down Hall's body.

Emergency  surgery involved making a small incision in the skull. Hall's recovery was complicated by a bacterial meningitis infection, as he wrote in a Facebook post in November. He was eventually returned home to his wife and two children to finish his recovery.

"Thank you to all of our wonderful viewers for reaching out to me during my recovery from brain surgery," Hall said over the weekend. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I'm so happy to be back."